I think it’s official at this point: nobody is going to naming their kid Karen for at least a generation or so. It’s a meme now. A meme representing entitlement and middle-aged silliness. Honestly, I do feel bad for perfectly nice people named Karen. On the other hand, these memes are really funny.

So go grab a manager and enjoy these Karen memes while you brainstorm any other name for your next child.

15. Even doggos are getting in on the action


13. You should have gone for the head

12. That smile, that damned smile

11. We can build this future

10. Is that…physically possible?

9. Super hot fire

8. A Karrier

7. It’s pronounced Achei38c9

6. She’s gone too far this time

5. The end is near

4. It’s the little things

3. Embrace it

2. Self-own

1. Get ready to level up

If your name is Karen and you’re reading this, I hope you don’t take it personally. Because there’s no department you can complain to.

No, but seriously… to all of those people who are named Karen? Do you find this stuff funny or horrible? Or… to ask another way… what’s your favorite Karen meme?

Let us know in the comments.