I honestly feel a little bit bad for anyone named Karen right now. Especially if they’re middle aged.

Surely not all Karens are a pain, but the name has come to represent the speak-to-the-manager, anti-vaxxer, essential-oil-facebook-evangelist archetype nonetheless.

Yes, the internet is running wild with Karen memes right now, and here are some of the best:

15. How dare you!

14. We all float…

13. The Karen cannot be appeased

12. A Karen-proof fence

11. She’s gone too far

10. Selective hearing

9. Dead giveaway

8. They will rebuild

7. God himself fears Karen

6. Not today, disease

5. I knew it

4. When your American pride is even bigger than your hair

3. Even the doggos, Karen?


1. Don’t worry, Karen’s got this

What’s your favorite Karen story? And by “favorite” we mean the time when a Karen acted her absolute worst.

Tell us in the comments!