Life can be tough, stressful, sad, and downright difficult sometimes. Y0u know it and I know it.

That’s why these life hacks from AskReddit users are so important. Do yourself a favor and give them a shot, because they will most likely help you out in a number of different situations.

Let’s get started!

1. Cut those out of your vocabulary.

“Make it a practice to get rid of filler words and phrases such as Uh, Um, Like, ‘You know”, etc.

Instead use short pauses to gather your thoughts before speaking (though avoid Shatner style pauses). Using filler words keys whoever you’re talking to that you are thinking about what you’re saying, leaving them out makes these ‘thinking spots’ less noticeable (since you aren’t essentially announcing to the world that you are thinking) and makes you seem more sure of yourself.”

2. Plan for Hump Day.

“Plan something every Wednesday that you can look forward too.

Everyone looks forward to the weekend, but that always seems like a long ways away when you are getting up Monday. If you plan something small to do, like treating yourself to some frozen yogurt or setting up a movie date, you will look forward to that in the beginning of the week. Then by the time its over, half the week has gone by and you are that much closer to the weekend.”

3. Use that key word.

“This sounds a bit silly, but if you’re asking for a favour, always use the word ‘because’.

I remember reading about a study done at a university where they used every imaginable combination of words to ask if they could cut in line for the photocopier, and they found that using the word ‘because’ short circuited people’s brains into believing that there’s a reason for it, even if they said something stupid like ‘could I please cut in line? Because I need to make some copies’.”

4. Always take deep breaths.

“No matter what happens: Remember to breathe.”

5. Use their names.

“Refer to people you’ve just met by their name. People loving being referred to by their name, and it will establish a sense of trust and friendship right away.

Say your friend introduced you to Peter. After 5 minutes he decides to leave. Don’t just say, “bye”, but instead say “Bye Peter!””

6. Perform every job with passion.

“When you find yourself in a situation where you’re forced to do a job you don’t care about:

Instead of thinking of the job as something you’re doing while you wait for your One True Passion, just forget about what it means to you and think instead about doing it well. Making sandwiches to pay the bills? Make really good sandwiches and be friendly. Doing scut work for your coworkers since you’re the lowest on the totem pole? Do really good scut work. Sweeping floors? Make your floors the cleanest.

If you get your ego out of the way, you’ll realize that there’s a lot of joy to be found in doing anything well… With passion, integrity, and care for the people who you’re serving. And the people around you will recognize you as a passionate, serious, caring person, even if what you’re doing isn’t what you’re truly passionate about.

Perhaps more importantly, it will create the habit of excellence. You don’t develop that habit by slacking your whole life and then suddenly being awesome once you reach an imaginary plateau.”

7. Pay attention to posture.

“If you want to build rapport or gain someone’s trust quickly, match their body posture and position. If someone is sitting with her legs crossed cross your legs. If they’re leaning away from you mean away from them. If they’re leaning towards you, lean towards them. Mirroring and matching body position is a subconscious way to tell if someone trusts you or is comfortable with you.

If you’re sitting with your arms crossed and you notice someone else is sitting with her arms crossed, that is a good indicator that you have/are successfully built/building rapport with that person. You can use this in any situation where you need to gain somebody’s trust quickly. Matching somebody else’s body posture well psychologically signal to them that they can be comfortable around you. This can benefit you in any job situation or any interviewing situation. Or any situation where you need to gain a persons trust quickly. Did I mention it builds trust quickly?”

8. Drinkin’ all night!

“Always buy the first pitcher. You’d be surprised how long you can drink on the phrase “I bought the first one”.”

9. Take a break from the screen.

“20-20-20 rule on using a computer.

After 20 minutes of usage, stare at something which is approximately 20 meters away, for 20 seconds. For work purposes only.”

10. Let that one sink in…

“Your action affect your attitudes more than your attitudes affect your actions.”

11. A reciprocal relationship.

“When someone acknowledges a favour or an act of kindness/generosity you performed for them, respond with “No problem, I know you would do the same for me.”

This plants the notion that they should reciprocate, while also reinforcing the act as genuine and friendly.”

12. Strike a pose.

“Before an interview go to the bathroom and strike a power pose for two minutes. For example, stand with your chest out, hands on your hips, and chin in the air. There was a lecture on Ted Talks by this woman who said that your posture can affect the amount of testosterone that your body produces.

If we stretch our bodies out to take up as much space as possible, our body will react by producing more testosterone. Therefore you will feel more confidant about yourself during the interview. Idk the link to the video but hopefully someone can upload it.”

13. Hey, it works…

“If someone is yelling about something and you need to calm them down, don’t respond at their volume level but at one much lower/softer.

Eventually they will follow queue, either because they suddenly realize how ridiculous they sound being the only one yelling, or simply because….uh… animal behaviorism and reverse psychology?

I don’t really understand they why, just the fact that it has worked in the situations I’ve employed it.”

14. Getting that job!

“Don’t apologize for anything during a job interview. Challenges to your experience, education or personality are meant to be addressed (in the most positive manner possible), not apologized for. And don’t preemptively apologize for something, “I know I don’t have the right experience, but…”

They might not even be thinking about whatever it is you lack, don’t bring it up and don’t address it until they bring it up.”

15. Pay attention to your thoughts.

“Don’t forget that every day you have 1000s of thoughts. You choose to pay attention to some and not others.

Some of these thoughts are more/less helpful than other thoughts which is important as what you choose to pay attention to can change your emotions and behaviours.

Also, we treat every thought we have as complete FACT and that is HAS TO BE TRUE. Which is not always the case. We often have thoughts that are really just made up like ‘If I eat this I won’t fit into my shirt’ So, if you’re ever having a moment of sadness, or feeling bad about something in the past/future just think ‘Is this true?’

For example: (–> signals next thought/action) “i’m hungry”–>”i ate three hours ago”–>”i’m only hungry because i’m fat”–>”If you want to lose weight, you shouldn’t eat”–>sadness, anger, resentment etc etc if you recognise that these thoughts you’re having early on (‘i’m only hungry because i’m fat) are not fact, then you stop the ‘train’ of thought.

This can be applied to many many situations. Thus you become less tied down in your thoughts, and able to connect with the world more, and live your life.”

That one about not raising your voice to somebody else’s level is AWESOME advice. People don’t really want to shout. And let them know you’re listening to them and they’re being heard. It works every single time.

So what do you think you’ll take into your life and try? Let us know in the comments!