I’ll let you in on a little secret: nobody knows what’s going on in this life.

Absolutely nobody knows what they’re doing and we’re all guessing all the time.

So before you dismiss someone’s idea as stupid, stop for a moment and consider that every idea in the history of stuff was once considered such, right up until we realized it was actually working.

Here are a few new ideas, via Twitter, that you might want to consider implementing in your own life.

Because if it’s stupid and it works, then how stupid can it be?

15. Special delivery

You really can’t beat the speed.

14. It’s a match!

This would be the only way to pull it off.

13. Raised by wolves

Prove to me that this wouldn’t work.

12. The gifts that keep on giving

Honestly this sounds like it would be worth a shot.

11. Keeping it together

I cannot imagine being this motivated to have a cow rug, but go off.

10. Now you’re speaking my language

It’s a neat trick to avoid revealing your true stupidity.

9. Good vibes only

Keep that anguish where it belongs.

8. Slight modifications

Technically true.

7. The bite that bites back

Baby shark, doo doo, doo doo doo doo.

6. How the tables have turned

This guy is living in the year 3000.

5. Weed ’em out

You’ll trim the list down real quick.

4. Do you even lift?

Gotta use your head. And arms, I guess.

3. The project master

It’s all a balancing act.

2. Fly away

Be sure to maintain eye contact in order to engender trust.

1. She bangs, she bangs

The perfect plan.

I think all those ideas are gonna work out juuuust fine.

What’s been your best idea recently?

Brainstorm with us in the comments.