Before there were alarm clocks or wake up calls via phone, there was actually an industry within cities where you could hire a person who would come around and just tap on your window in the morning to wake you up. They even had these super long sticks so they could tap on the windows of higher floors.

Personally, I cannot think of a worse job. Not only do you have to be awake before literally anyone else, but also, there can’t be anyone in that town who doesn’t hate the sight of you.

I sure hope it paid well, because as these memes attest, there’s nothing worse than morning crap.

15. Most dangerous game

I did this today and legitimately lost two full hours.

14. Unnatural

For real though, we are full-on fighting our own biology.

13. Step by step

This way, I *might* get up by 7:58.

12. It’s time

Everywhere. Every day. He lurks.

11. The annoying

Do you all just hate me?

10. Crack on

“You say you love me, and yet you do this?”

9. Power blast

If I could destroy it with the power of my mind, I would have by now.

8. Get down

Things are about to get unpleasant.

7. Adulting

Now for babies!

6. Call in a code

Don’t be a narc, man.

5. Deadly mistakes

So much for that job, I guess.

4. Worth it

Just leave me be.

3. The eternal search

Somehow it’s never in the same place twice.


The Mortal Combat sequel we’ve all been waiting for.

1. The delay

Surely this won’t have a catastrophic domino effect with the rest of my day, right?

Alright, that’s too much for me. I need to go hide under my covers.

Are you a morning person? Why or why not?

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