There’s a famous book in comedian circles called Truth in Comedy. Comedy often needs to pull from something deeply true in order to resonate. Or in some cases, it just needs to be something technically true.

A technically true joke is the kind that makes you laugh and roll your eyes simultaneously.  The sort of comedy that gives you the urge to both high five and punch whoever shared it with you. Get ready to experience that wondrous mix of emotions with these frustratingly fantastic examples.

15. Maybe they squeaked

14. You’re my whole world, babe

13. Forget windows of opportunity

12. He’s gonna take this lying down

11. I’m hexy and I know it

10. Get a leg up on life

9. Refreshing

8. A league of their own

7. A solution in search of a problem

6. A very grounded meme

5. A matter of perspective

4. The born identity

3. I see you shiver in antici...

2. The numbers look great

1. Don’t tell Nicholas Cage

These are the kind of jokes that, once they enter our minds, they have to be spread to the people around us. It’s inevitable. Now go annoy a friends.

What’s your favorite technically-true joke?

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