The “when you” genre of memes are truly a generation-defining thing. Long gone are the forms of self-expression that require lengthy passages or ponderous effort. Now all you need in order to speak a universal truth and have that truth reverberate through the souls of your audience is to find an idiosyncratic picture and stick some top text on it. It’s simply beautiful.

Here are 10 memes that really capture how it is when you look at “when you” memes.

15. The silencer

You’re not gonna be hearing anything if you keep that up, son.

14. An absolute saint

This hard drive died for your sins.

13. Way off

The moment you realize college may not be for you.

12. Take-backs

Surely no one will notice.

11. Livin’ large

That’s like a whole McChicken right there.

10. DIY parenting

Bender has taught us so much.

9. Engage

Divert all power to the engines.

8. Proof positive

The all-knowing computer agrees with me, you mere mortal.

7. Phony

He got customer complaints in stereo.

6. Alone time

My bare butt is hovering over poop water, let’s stay like this for a while.

5. False alarm

This is a grave mistake to make.

4. Baking bad

Please leave me alone in this sensitive time.

3. Heavy load

I need to unsee this forever, please.

2. Absolutely floored

They don’t notice a thing.

1. [annoyed grunt]

I can stay petty forever.

Now imagine a meme that says “when you reach the end of a meme list” and there’s a picture of like Oliver Twist holding up an empty bowl or something. That’d be a good meme. Somebody go make that.

Which of these rings truest in your heart?

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