Oh hey! Did you hear the good news? There’s murder hornets now. I mean, they’re not new. They’ve been around for like, millions of years, but now they’re spreading further than usual! Horray! This is exactly the kind of update we were all hoping for and I can’t see how this could possibly go poorly for us. And as a bonus – we get all these great memes about them!

Life sure is swell in the Year of Our Lord 2020. Let’s count all the wonderful advantages that come with murder hornets!

15. They’re keeping us safe!

Don’t want to stay at home? Now you do!

14. They’re keeping bees employed!

He’s out there working his bee-at.

13. They’re the perfect companion!

Just 8 more plagues and we’ll have the whole set!

12. They’re keeping us humble!

Wouldn’t want to suddenly get too confident.

11. What a twist!

You gotta admit you didn’t see this one coming.

10. Memes!

We always need fresh meme fodder. Thanks, murder hornets!

9. They’re revealing the truth!

Remember when physically raiding anywhere at all seemed possible?

8. It’s a throwback!

Who doesn’t love Jumanji?

7. It’s fresh and exciting!

The hits just keep on comin’.

6. It takes our minds off our troubles!

Who’s got time to think about bad things when there’s new bad things?

5. They’re changing our standards!

We’ll take what we can get.

4. They’re enforcing the law!

Reality stings.

3. They’re boosting the economy!

Surely if we buy enough TP, this too will go away.

2. They’re keeping super villains relevant!

Thanks, Dr. Evil!

1. They’re making us live in the moment!

No moving on for you.

Boy oh gee, what amazing little critters! I’m gonna go board up all my windows and never go anywhere again for the rest of my life.

What’s YOUR favorite thing about murder hornets?

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