According to some estimates, in the United States alone we may be consuming about 9 million bottles of wine EVERY DAY.

I mean, not you and I personally. We only collectively account for maybe 40% of that. But other folks are downing the stuff too. It’s staggering to consider the amount of glass alone.

And why? Because wine is great. Wine is life. We’ve known it since ancient times, and we’re not about to stop talking – or memeing – about it now.

15. I think I can

Because I’m happyyyyy…

14. Just one more

I’m sure tomorrow you won’t be too mad about it.

13. The big one

You gotta be more specific if you want to know the truth.

12. Racking my brain

Seriously, who are these for?

11. A time and a place

For every season, turn turn turn…

10. The pleasure room

Oh, you’re really bad.

9. Dog day afternoon

It’s every day, that’s what I hear.

8. The list

When you’re here, you’re family.
So you’re gonna want to drink.

7. Oh no!

The fear is real.

6. The enabler

One of the hottest things a person can be.

5. Buckle up

But don’t crack it open ’till you’re home, now.

4. Salud!

People who celebrate the most birthdays live the longest.

3. Conservation efforts

You’re welcome, Mother Nature.

2. Namastay inside and drink

But you do you though.

1. If you have to ask…

Get out of here with that crap.

Cheers to you!

What’s your favorite kind of wine?

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