What have you been up to today? Got a lot of stuff done? Good for you! Ate a family-sized box of Cheez-Its in your underwear? Gold medal! Did you just wake up and looking at this article is literally the first and only activity you’ve engaged in? Truly you are a god among men. Well done.

Everybody’s just gettin’ through it one day at a time. And memes understand that. Especially these memes.

15. Expectation vs. reality

Not all that showers is gold.

14. Murder puppers

I’ve definitely been wolfing it down lately.

13. You booze you lose

Sorry, I don’t understand the question.

12. It’s 5:00 somewhere?

Einstein said time was relative and he was like the smartest guy ever so many stop judging me, CAROL.

11. Dark times

Say hello to my little hope.

10. Emerging

Just hissing at the sun the entire time.

9. Silver linings

Our times have comeses!

8. No big change

Oh man. Were it not for this I’d TOTALLY be doing SO MANY cool things right now, you don’t even know.

7. Free time

It’s more like “free from the concept of time.”

6. Dish it out

I think right now even Gordon Ramsey would cut you some slack.

5. Creative outlets

You really have to examine the subtext.

4. Perspective

I think I’ve gained at least 3 pounds in hair alone.

3. High art

None of us are getting out of this pretty.

2. High expectations

To be fair, nobody should have to wear pants.

1. Retrospect

Oh for the halcyon days of…wait…

It’s good to be able to look into the meme-iverse and know we’re not alone in our struggles. Hang in there. You’re doing great.

What have you been up to lately?

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