I’ve dieted maybe a dozen times in my life, and let me tell ya, I’m getting REALLY good at giving up on it. Seems like a lot of other folks are too.

We live a charmed life, in a lot of ways. We don’t have to hunt for our food anymore, or run from predators. We’ve got more calories than we could possibly need and less opportunity to burn them. It’s the perfect storm of human progress, custom designed to turn me into a chunky boi.

But as long as I’m sitting around, I might as well look at some memes about trying to…do less sitting around.

Here are 15 things that get in the way of fitness, stated in meme form.

15. There are two bears inside you

14. Sneaking makes things even more exciting

13. Serving sizes are lies

12. Turns out you can’t just buy weight loss

11. Technology is against us

10. Public pressure is too much

9. Shapes keep me out of shape

8. Temptations are everywhere

7. We’re surrounded by enemies

6. It’s inconvenient

5. We weren’t meant to run for no reason

4. The diet starts later

3. Pasta is bliss

2. Some burns are just easier

1. Life’s too short

Despite all that, I think we can do it if we really feel we need to. Who’s with me?!

Now that we’ve made that commitment, I think it’s time we rewarded ourselves with a pizza and several beers. We done good.

What’s the hardest part about getting in shape for you? Tell us about it in the comments.