We can all use a smile, a mood boost, or just a few fun distractions to get us through the days and weeks.

People on the internet can often provide just the opposite, so we’ve gone and dug up some gems for you – waded through the muck, if you will.

And we’re pretty sure that these 15 memes are going to make your day!

15. So say we all.

14. I’m going with no.

13. It is a grand tradition, handed down from parent to child.

12. We all have our talents.

11. I refuse to feel shame.

10. Sure, it’s not you getting the workout, but that’s just a technicality.

9. More proof that superheroes do not get paid enough.

8. I guess just be thankful you got something at all.

7. Does anyone REALLY think they look sexy in a sheet mask?

6. If you have coffee, though, it’s fine.

5. Whoa. Just sit with that for a minute.

4. See also: my toddler.

3. Okay but that’s really funny, though.

2. Oh, little did you know.

1. Tape this one to your bathroom mirror.

I’m feeling lighter and ready to tackle my to-do list already – how about you?

What are you favorite memes when you need a lift? Share them with us in the comments!

Please and thank you!