Knock knock.
“Who’s there?”
It’s memes.
“Memes who?”
What do you mean, MEMES WHO? I’ve got a bunch of memes here. What more could you possibly need to know? Open the damn door, these things are too dank for me to hold forever!

Enjoy this special meme delivery of 15 doses of the good stuff.

15. Ready or not…

…here I come!

14. Cram for the exam

Man, we’re LIVING in it and WE don’t even know what’s happening.

13. Family practice

The real magic was in spending time with your loved ones.

12. Hot time

Cancel the sun. #TheSunIsOverParty

11. One more time

One of these days I’m gonna will my way out of this.

10. Cut my life into pieces

Those are the most unsafe safety scissors I’ve ever seen.

9. Swing and a miss

Florida is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural.

8. Stress cycle

I need to take a break after reading this.

7. Reverse, reverse!

He played the system and he won.

6. Big stacks

Form an orderly line, ladies.

5. A new contender

Man, that’s methed up.

4. Chill and spill

‘Till dish do us part.

3. The path

If I don’t walk around, how will I hear them?

2. Adding ads

One day we’ll long for a time when it was this few.

1. Coffee killers

Ashes to ashes, grounds to grounds.

That’s for letting us into your home to visit with you and bring you all these memes. If it’s ok, we’d love to do it again sometime? But, yanno, we don’t want to be pushy. Whatever you’re comfortable with.

Where do you go to the get the highest quality memes?

Tell us in the comments.