Everyone makes a spulling error now and then, and with spellcheck halping us out, they’re very often unintentionally funne, too!

You see what I did there? Yeah you did…

This happens more often when a person has heard a word and thinks they know how to spell it…but they definitely don’t.

Like these 15 poor saps, who found out the hard way how wrong they were.

15. I’m happy consent is such a hot topic these days.

[deleted by user]
by inBoneAppleTea

14. I mean French is hard!

Flaming Young…Medium [legit]
byu/CEM2890 inBoneAppleTea

13. But it does make everything sound fancier.

French eyes
byu/yoloman0805 inBoneAppleTea

12. You are what you eat and all that.

[Satire] She just has such a fruity personality!
byu/fleshgod_alpacalypse inBoneAppleTea

11. This is surely much more widespread than one might guess.

[Legit] Nobody secures funding like Gaston
byu/mac_daddy1 inBoneAppleTea

10. I definitely don’t think you mean that…

Don’t eat Asians
byu/proudsquid125 inBoneAppleTea

9. That’s one way to get people to stop stealing.

Shoplifters will be “Prostituted”
byu/depechelove inBoneAppleTea

8. I’m pretty sure that would burn.

[Legit] I prefer to smoke hash browns
byu/locofortaco inBoneAppleTea

7. Nope, that’s not right either.

[Legit] Some people will stop at nothing to halt the spread of disease
byu/jacobjack inBoneAppleTea

6. Straight up copyright infringement.

Case adidas
byu/Killernarwhals inBoneAppleTea

5. Yes, they make baked items even more delicious.

They are cinnamons!
byu/cloudish94 inBoneAppleTea

4. You keep using that word.

[Legit] smelly colon
byu/LolznTrollz inBoneAppleTea

3. Yes, yes that’s it!

A two stick
byu/DumpyPajamas inBoneAppleTea

2. That Michael has some deadly moves.

Michael wave
byu/thebanditruby inBoneAppleTea

1. Only certain times of the day, I believe.

Allah cart
byu/gordoncrisp inBoneAppleTea

Some of these really had me wheezing – hilarious!

Have you ever horribly misspelled a word you were totally sure you had right? Or are you just really dumb and can’t spell or barely read?

Tell us about it in the contents!