There’s a fun thing you can do to look cool AND literate on the Internet.

It’s real simple. Check it out. All ya gotta do is grab a book with a cover that you can make match yourself or your surroundings, take a picture with the correct perspective, and let that sweet, sweet Internet wash over you.

Sounds fun right? That’s because it is! These people did it, and they’ll never look back. Check out some of the best examples of the #BookFace challenge on Instagram.

15. Adele Parks

…is the name of the author, I’m not actually sure what this book is.

14. Autumn

I dunno, you look more like a winter to me.

13. The Only Pirate at the Party

And yet not a single peg leg? Very very suspicious.

12. Back Cover

Does this guy even know you’re taking a picture of him right now?

11. Hey, Water!

Hey, a cool photo!

10. I Don’t Want to Wash

5 years of Spanish classes and that’s about the most translating I can do.

9. Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

Though ironically it’s more of a medium shot.

8. Sofies Welt

That is one THICK German philosophy book.

7. Who is Ruth Bader Ginsburg

We can only hope you’ll be the next RBG, little one.

6. Hands Are Not For Hitting

But are they for throwing though?

5. How to Steal a Dog

I just keep singing this to the tune of “How to Save a Life” in my head.

4. Magnetism

I am strangely drawn to this.

3. The Queen’s Gambit

It’s your move.

2. Acceptable Risk

Like using a stranger for this pose?

1. Joe Dimaggio: The Hero’s Life

Put me in, coach.

Man, almost makes me want to read a book. Almost.

What’s your favorite book you’ve read lately?

Tell us in the comments.