If you didn’t know a friend who’s house nobody wanted to go to because it was way too weird, then I have bad news for you.

You WERE that friend.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen happen at a friend’s house that they thought was normal?
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This is a universal experience. Just listen to these chillingly weird tales from Reddit.

1. Taking Care of Business

More of a date story.

Was on a date with a guy who was cooking dinner for me and his dog took a giant horse p**s in the living room. I jumped up, a bit panicked, trying to get the guy’s attention to what just happened. The guy didn’t even look up when he said “Oh yeah, she does that sometimes” and that was it. I asked him if there was a towel and disinfectant I could use to help clean it up and the guy says “I’ll just throw some Febreze on it after dinner”.

I suddenly realized the musty smell I noticed earlier wasn’t from his cool and rustic cabin being under a canopy of trees, or that the floor in the same location that bowed when you stepped over it was because it was old.

Ate dinner at a table that was couple feet away from the dog toilet. Left.

F**king gross.

– Revolutionarysugar6

2. Assume the Position

Went with a few friends to one of their family’s houses for a birthday party when I was like 15 or 16. We smoked weed, swam, and had a great ole time.

After eating we settled in to watch a horror movie and at some point I looked around me and everyone in that family was sitting in the same criss-cross-applesauce position and slowly rocking back and forth while watching tv.

Definitely not the weirdest thing on this thread by far, but something about it was extremely creepy. They were nice as h**l, though.

– Pollowollo

3. Turn Up the Heat

15 years ago. Visit a friend house who live in san Francisco around 3rd street (bad neighborhood area).

Upon entering pass by the kitchen 4 gas stove flame was in full blast not cooking anything, no vent, you can literally see a big burn hole in the ceiling all the way thru the 2nd floor room.

His mom was upstairs one of those rooms far away from the bottom floor kitchen, watching tv in full blast.

Long story short. They are basically using their gas stove as a centralize heater for the whole house. I’m a certified fire safety director at my work. This almost gives me a heart attack.

– manks2016

4. Living on the Edge

Found out my best friend thought the toilet seat was for kids.

He would straight up sit on the rim of the toilet and poop until I found out when we were in college at 22.

– ajeezy629

5. Super Dog

I walked into my gfs living room and out of nowhere their chocolate lab, from outside, jumps through an open window and lands on the couch.

I just froze and her sons like ‘oh he does that’ This was in Florida

– L3aveBlank

6. Read All About It

I had a friend in HS. We’re still friends today actually. His mom was a hoarder.

There were little pathways throughout the house but it was filled, from floor to ceiling, with junk. In the hallway to the bedrooms, she had stacked every newspaper she ever got. They were tied up in bundles.

When you walked in that hallway he would caution to not touch the papers because if a row fell, it would take a couple hours to dig yourself out.

– ferrariguy1970

7. Crave the Bell

I babysat for a family on occasion and the kids would always ask for a “cool cup” and I had no clue what it was. They asked for them constantly but were too little to really describe them enough for me to understand.

I mentioned it to the mom in passing one day and she started laughing and cut the tops off of some bell peppers and took out the seeds and.then filled the peppers with tap water. The kids went nuts over them like there were treats.

It was really weird to me that drinking water out of bell peppers was a thing to beg for on the regular.

– Kikabennet

8. With Friends Like These…

Grew up in a trailer park where I don’t know any kids that weren’t abused/abusing others/neglected. One day I walked into my best friends living room to find a room full of about 15 boys ranging in age from 6-16 jerking off together to a p**n playing on the tv.

– try2rememberthisone

9. Don’t Have a Cow, Man

Growing up we had some goats and land but no cows…my brother decided to go to the livestock auction with one of his friends and saw a baby cow being sold for meat. I guess he just couldn’t stand the thought of this poor little cow being sold to be eaten so he won the auction for it.

Walked it home somehow. Didn’t put it in the pasture, nor the backyard, but INSIDE THE HOUSE INSTEAD.

My mom came home from work and was like ‘excuse me everyone, why is there a cow in the hallway?’

Lmao he got in so much trouble. Loved that cow though, he thought he was a goat

– bunnykitten94

10. Never Forget

In 6th grade my first ever sleepover I went to the bathroom and came out to him blasting p**n in the living room and I had never seen p**n before.

We watch it for like 10 minutes and he says “I’m so ho**y I gotta jack off bro.” Then he started cranking his d**k right there in front of me and I was shocked.

The video was some fat dude cucking another guy and making him cry I’ll never forget that.

– yale52

11. The Crawl

Roaches crawling around in daylight out in the open. I wouldn’t sit or eat anything the 3 times i went over.

His entire family seem to think it was normal to have roaches where he was. I had family in the same building and their house was almost sterile.

– spyro86

12. A Clean Start

Was about 9 or 10. Playing with some action figures with a friend in his room which had its own bathroom.

He goes in to take a s**t and then when he’s done he yells out “mom, come wipe me!”

He was otherwise like any other kid in the early 90s.

– smegroll

13. Prep the Patient

I’ll be the weird family.

My dad is a doctor and one day my friend came over who had a totally blackened toenail from getting stepped on by a baseball cleat. No problem, my dad says, just some blood underneath the toenail. We can relieve the pain by puncturing a hole in the toenail and letting the blood flow out. Well he proceeds to get out a dremel (tiny drill), sterilize a new drill bit, and drills a small hole in my friend’s toenail. Blood shoots out of the hole into the air. My friend and I were screaming and laughing the entire time. It worked, he was instantly relieved of his pain.

My friend asked if this was a normal occurrence in the house. I told him that my dad has always been the go to for caring for friends, neighbors, etc., but this did indeed take the cake for being the best “procedure” he’s done in the house.

– kwertyup

14. Just the Bears

One of the first times I met my husband’s family, I was over at their house and husband gestured for me to sit down and be comfortable. Their house was really very cluttered. Not quite hoarder cluttered, but close. They had a couple of couches facing each other and then some other chairs.

Not knowing the ‘rules,’ I sat on one of the couches, which had a lot of stuffed teddy bears on it. OMG, you would think I had sat down on live bears. There were probably 20-30 small – medium stuffed bears on this couch. Husband’s mother and twin brother both visibly reacted as if I had damaged the bears. (Not antique bears either).

That was when I was told that the couch was for the bears, and only for the bears and that no one was allowed to sit on the bears’ couch. Just the bears.

The bears all had little beaded necklaces with their names on them to tell them apart because they were all the same brand and style.

– floridianreader

15. Abuse Isn’t Fine

Kinda the opposite.

Had a friend over when my dad when on a tirade screaming and yelling at my brother and I. We thought it was normal to have emotionally abusive parents.

After that, that friend never came over again, I went to his house. And his parents seemed a bit more… interested? In me.

By the time we graduated high school I got my diploma and walked over to hug his parents before my own at the ceremony.

– xxkoloblicinxx

Weird to know how the other half lives.

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