It seems like you can’t turn around these days without seeing people from the Baby Boomer generation ragging on millennials for literally every little thing they do. But while this is definitely a popular narrative that a lot of places have tried to push, the fact is that there are plenty of elderly people who sympathize with the problem young people today are facing.

Heck, a lot of them even admire the way millennials are handling things, as this Reddit thread will show you.

1. Smashing gender divides

I’m 62, and I’m impressed that boys and girls in junior high and high school actually are friends with each other. I even saw the kids playing a quick pickup game of touch football – boys and girls – at the middle school while waiting for the bus to come over from the elementary school. Never would have happened in my generation.

2. Fun music

My kids laugh because I like rap as much as they do.

They do get tired of me telling them the original sampled sources and musical roots.

3. Video games are awesome now

61 years old here, and I love my video games as much as younger people.

4. No worries

The phrase “No Worries” after you apologize for a delay holding someone up. Has a much warmer feel than any other equivalent.

5. Hilarious slang terms

Yeet. I don’t know what it is, but that word just makes me laugh. I’ll be 48 this year, and hopefully still have many years before I yeet the f**k off this mortal coil.

6. Changing priorities

Putting more of a priority on personal life and goals than on “career”. The realization that devotion to employer is a dead-end is one that not so many of my fellow Gen-Xers have cottoned to.

7. Memes!

I’m 48 and I love memes. I’m facebook friends with many of my college students and I’m sometimes in tears laughing over the memes they post. I love the levels of cultural knowledge required to “get” them. Even at 48, I still feel rebelliously like I’m getting something that my parents don’t get.

8. Kindness rules

How kind and understanding they are to kids who are different.

My first grader just went to a party for a kid with Downs this last weekend. He invited his whole class and at least 2/3 of them showed up to celebrate with him. Warmed my heart.

9. Adopt don’t shop

They adopt pets rather than buying the designer ones.

10. Keepin’ it casual

Casual dress codes!

Some of the managers are younger than me now and they do not care what anyone wears to work.

Die, high heels!

11. Tolerance

You guys are tolerant as hell. I work in a school and kids can wear nerdy sh^t and not wonder who they’re gonna have to fight first.

Back in the 90’s I smuggled my Star Wars books into the cafeteria like I was carrying enigma machine codes.

12. Advanced technology

I am amazed that you all can play game consoles with what seems like twenty different god d*mned buttons on the controller. And use them all almost simultaneously!

13. More living

I like that they are less into stuff and more into experiences.

14. Acceptance

I was a teen when “gay” was still an insult.

Kids these days are so friggen cool.

15. Dabbing

Dabbing. I dab the f**k out of my wife and kids. I open my arms and walk to them like I’m going to hug them, then I dab away.