We’ve all got our personal pet peeves; some things that bother me a lot may not bother you all that much, some things that absolutely set you off may hardly register with me. But there are certain things which, despite our differences, we can all come together and firmly declare “not cool.”

A rather large manifesto of such items started accumulating when user 156497 (that’s not code or anything, it’s just…what this human apparently wants to be called online) took to r/AskReddit to ask this question:

What is something everyone can agree is a dick move?
byu/156497 inAskReddit

There are nearly 4,000 comments, many of which, the crowd agrees, are positively gauche. Here are a few examples we can all avoid in the future:

1. Many of the proclamations are food related.

Taking someone else’s lunch from the breakroom fridge.

What kind of monster does that?!?

– JillFaulkneri

2. No seriously, a LOT of them are about food.

Leaving a microscopic quantity of food in a container just so you are not the person that has to clean it.

Please. Just finish it.


– CodgeDhallenger

3. Like…so many food things.

Leaving refrigerated items in random aisles at the grocery store because you’re too fucking lazy to put them back.

There’s a special level of hell for these people.

I’m sure of it.

– easykill2517

4. But there’s also examples from the world of academics.

Not working on a group project.

Meaning you let everybody else do the work.

Fuck. You.

– KrustyRustyDusty

5. And who doesn’t have some pet peeves from the road?

Slowing down to almost a complete stop before turning without ever even putting you fucking blinker on!!!

– Sub_Zero_Fks_Given

6. Not buts, no cuts.

Cutting in a line.

There’s no call for that, people!

– Jaewonkim1234

7. Google “The shopping cart theory” for more on this.

not returning shopping carts

– colin_robinson

8. Don’t think outside the box.

Taking up two parking spaces

– thatpurplegirl140

9. Litter bugs are the worst.

Throwing your trash on the floor.

– JillFaulkneri

10. Some things take so little effort, just do them.

When u use the last thing of toilet paper in the bathroom and don’t replace it

– xX_Pretzle_Dough_Xx

11. If you’re rude to staff, you’re rude period.

Yelling at a waiter about something wrong with their food, as if the waiter has any control over that.

– GurgleQueen636

12. Get out of the way.

Not pulling over to the shoulder when an ambulance is coming.

– JillFaulkneri

13. Just because it’s someone’s job doesn’t mean you can’t be courteous.

People saying “It’s their job to clean it up”

– deletedmemorias

14. This has bothered me my entire life and I’ve never heard anyone mention it.

Stopping in the middle of a narrow street, to have a long chat with your friends.

Asshole, you both have a cell phone, or park somewhere and catch up elsewhere.

– El_lonje_moco

15. Some dick moves are…a little more niche than others?

Randomly switching two new born babies at a hospital, so that they’re raised by the wrong parents.

– NakedPizzaHutAd

If you’re not particularly religious, maybe just consider these your 15 new commandments, summarized thusly: Thou Shalt Not Be a Dick.

What would you add to this list?

Tell us in the comments.