There are some go-tos for making people feel better in most situations – you’ve got this, it won’t last forever, nothings as bad as it seems – but what if there are also sentences out there that just never, ever make anyone feel good?

These 15 people know for sure that’s true, because they’ve been on the receiving end of some doozies.

15. Well that’s just savage.

When my son was about 3, if someone would say or do something to upset him, he would say,

“I hate your birthday. “

14. I remember you being not so bald!

I remember you being better looking.

13. At least it’s to the point?

I don’t like you. I only tolerate you.

12. Wait, do I?

I don’t need to hate you, you already hate yourself.

11. Well, maybe you should have informed ME.

“I stopped caring a long time ago.”

10. I mean there’s no coming back from that.

Text a girl who I was very close with

She responds “Oh god he texted me again”

9. This makes nobody happy.

“I wish you could be more like ___”

Fill in the blank, it almost always sucks to hear that.

8. And chances are, you were paying to hear that.

The only consistent factor in all of your problems is you.

7. This makes me sad just hearing it.

Go away, you’re not helping.

6. The guilt is strong with this one.

I thought I knew you.

5. Something you never want to hear, for sure.

You need to brush your teeth.

4. Let’s trade places and see.

If I were you, I’d be depressed as well.

3. That street goes two ways, I’m guessing.

” I never regretted anything as much as I regretted having you as my child” -my father ladies and gents.

2. There’s no good comeback for that.

You think you’re more important than you actually are don’t you?

1. A favorite of mothers everywhere.

I’m not angry, I’m just disappointed…

I am full of so many cringes right now! Argh!

Do you have anything to add? For your sake, I hope not, but if you do, we’re all ears!