As the saying goes…people are strange. Very strange!

I’m sure you’ve been here before, where a random person tells you a story that is way too personal and makes you very uncomfortable. I know I sure have.

AskReddit users shared their stories about when this happened to them.

1. Thanks for the info!

“I was going to a summer cottage owned by my work. Upon hearing that, a coworker of mine informed me that his daughter was conceived there, in the very bed that I was about to sleep in.

Did not need to know that, at all.”

2. Classy photo shoot.

“I was working in the photo lab at Walmart. They have a policy about not printing lewd photos, and they have to be destroyed if they are printed.

20 minutes before closing a woman comes and asks to print some photos. I direct her to the kiosk, and after a while they start printing in the back.

I notice that the first few photos are poorly cropped as they come off the machine. They’re full-body portraits with half her face cut off. This isn’t uncommon, the software isn’t super intuitive, so I check the next few to see if it happened on more.

The next few photos are the same framing, just different poses. It looks like she’s showing off this nice dress.

And then she’s reclining on a couch…

And then she’s on a bed…

And then her legs are spread…

Now I have to figure how to tell her I cant sell these prints. I’m all ready with the policy binder out and open to the relevant page when she comes up, and I start explaining:

“I’m sorry ma’am, I can’t sell some of these photos to you, they violate our Inappropriate Print Policy so I had to shre-”

“Oh! I’m so sorry I forgot those were in there! It’s fine he’s not allowed to have those kinds of photos in prison anyway!”

I was so relieved that she wasn’t going to yell at me that jt didn’t register what she said until after she left.”

3. Okay, let’s move on to the m*ffler.

“I see my mechanic a like 5 times a year and he always tells me how many Asian girls he met online and had s^x with since we last met. Its like an unprompted tradition he must get past before we can talk about what’s wrong with the car.”

4. Wow this is quite a story.

“As a passenger in an Uber, I had my driver tell me that day was the anniversary of the day his son was murdered. As we drove past the spot where it happened for, according to him, the first time since it had happened. We then drove past a building where he told me the murderer worked, pretending to be a man of God with, in his words, “four bodies on him”.

His son was a gangster. My driver was a 56 year old father just lost in his grief that day and when he picked me up, in that neighborhood in Minneapolis Midtown, it just came out. He also told me that every single day he thought about killing the man who killed his son and then just turning himself in. He told me his wife told him once a week that he better not make her a widow.

It wasn’t the ride to the airport that I signed up for but that was ok. He needed to talk to someone. As a father, I could feel his pain. His kid was weeks away from leaving the life and joining his brother in the military. He told me he was killed by his second in command right after he said he was joining the service.

My bullsh^t meter is always very high. He wasn’t telling tall tales or workshopping material. I just happened to get in his car when a year’s worth of hell came to the surface. After he dropped me off he told me he was going home because he needed to talk to his wife.”

5. Listen up, sonny boy.

“My 89 year old grandfather told me his and his wife’s favourite sexual position. Number 1 on the list of things I never ever needed to know.”

6. A real catch.

“Sitting with my fiancé’s new friend and she starts bragging to me how she’s been manipulating men including my fiancé into doing things for her. (Picking up her paychecks for her, babysitting her son while she goes on a date, cleaning her place for her etc) Then she started showing me these long messages she’d send to guys she had just met on dating sites telling them how my fiancé was her best friend and her standard for guys.”

7. Dropped a bomb.

“That he considers paying a hooker to lose his virginity. It was back when I worked in retail, and he was a co-worker. We didn’t talk much, only a couple of words, and only about work. Then one day he came to me, and dropped this bomb.

At first at though he was joking, and tried to laugh it off, but he was dead serious. He also wanted to hear my opinion, but I told him that this was not a comfortable conversation for me.

Later another co-worker told me he tries to talk about this to all female workers, and he hopes that one of us would offer him to take his virginity, so he doesn’t have to pay.”

8. Jesus…

“An ex-coworker, whom I barely knew, told me she was in a sexual relationship with her biological father.

They had been together for about 10 years, and moved to a new city together. She was only 25 or so.

I politely smiled, switched topics, and went home shortly afterwards.

Of course I kept that story to myself, but damn.”

9. Ummmmmm…

“A kid I was sort of friends with in high school told me that he regularly had s^x with his twin brother.

For the record, he had no history of ever being sexually abused, and from what he talked about, it was mutually suggested between the two.

They were just gay and into incest.”

10. Didn’t need to hear that.

“Managed a restaurant and a man was there to service the building, HVAC or something. He seems anxious and starts rattling on about his girlfriend and then her brother and how said brother f*cked a cow… immediately apologizes, “I don’t know why I said that, I probably shouldn’t have told you that, sorry.””

11. Thanks sis!

“My sister told me she was getting her tonsils out, so that she would give better head.”

12. More sex!

“A (strange) coworker, whom I wasn’t ever close with, decided to tell me at work – across the entire office – that she and her husband were having marital problems due to lack of sex. He wanted more sex. But since she wasn’t trying to get pregnant, she didn’t see the point and said he needed to get over it.

This happened loudly, out of nowhere and with no prompting. What made it more uncomfortable was that she was our HR person.”

13. The rules of swinging.

“Had a super weird chick who lived in our neighborhood once who asked me if I knew the “rules” of polygamy and swinging. I was like, “Uh….no?”

She then proceeded to tell me some long, rambling story about a house party that her husband was invited to, but not her, because they wanted to sleep with her husband but she couldn’t come along to participate or watch or whatever.

Her husband was probably 6 ft 4, but weighed around 350 lbs. He was probably the original neckbeard. She was no prize either. I doubt anybody wanted to sleep with either of them.

She also told me she hated sunbathing nude because her nipples always got super sunburned. o.O

Ok then.”

14. Sounds like a great place to work.

“Working on a assembly line, a girl I had to work next to that day explained to me why part of her shirt was yellow and wrinkled. The yellow part was cat pee, it’s wrinkled cause she sleeps in it. And hasn’t done laundry in 2 week’s…yes she smelled and yes I told her she did.

Next girl working with me confessed that she slept with 50 people at work. Married, has 3 kids, not sure if kid #2 and #3 is her husbands. Then told me not to tell anyone, I barely knew her, but I’m sure people all ready knew this about her. There were less than 300 people working at this plant, that’s including 2 shift’s.

Guy starts talking to me at lunch, ask if I heard about his son committing suicide “yes I did, I’m sorry to hear this,” guy said “don’t worry about it I think he did it for attention” WTF. I left immediately.

I don’t miss that place.”

15. Total creeper.

“Business partner of my then boss, that had just introduced himself to me:

“Nice team you’ve got here. we should all go on a trip to Thailand together. You can f*ck prostitutes without protection over there! They all have documents from their doctors showing that they’re clean!

Dude was also married, with two young daughters.

What the actual f*ck.”

Okay, yeah… wow. Why would people admit ANY of that? Just keep your damn mouths shut, people!

Have you ever encountered anything like this? What did they say?

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