It’s often hard to put your finger on what exactly it is that drives you crazy (in a good way) about the person you love.

It’s those little things that you find irresistible that make being in love so much fun. In this article, AskReddit users open up and share the small things they find extremely attractive in another person.

1. Caught in the act

“When they smile when they think no one is looking. Then you catch them.”

2. The little things

“Their mannerisms. I love watching the way people move and talk, just the little ways they do things. I’ve been attracted to a lot of people who aren’t entirely conventionally attractive, but there’s just something about the way that they move that is.”

3. The hair is important

“When one side of a woman’s hair hangs in front of her face and she looks at me.”

4. Pay attention

“Eye contact. Really its more than that. When she notices things about me, lets me know she is paying attention and likes what she sees.”

5. This is important

“I love it when my boyfriend sings loudly and poorly in the car with me.”

6. Animal lover

“Likes animals. I went home with this guy from the bar once and we were doing that weird thing where both of us know why I’m there but no one wants to make the first move. So he was giving me a tour of his house, and I’m pretending I’m all into architecture and sh^t. He showed me the back yard and explained that he’d just installed this big privacy fence. While he’s showing me this, an adorable cat comes bounding across the yard.

He explained that it was his neighbors cat but it likes to come visit him, so he had the fence installer build a cut out in the fence so the cat could come over any time he wanted. Long story short, I think my ovaries may have literally exploded.”

7. Time to cut loose

“Goofy dance moves. When someone opens up on the dance floor and gives NO F***S about how they look. Love it!”

8. Suddenly…

“Stubble! A guy I have absolutely no interest in can pop up one day with a couple of days worth of stubble and suddenly I find them attractive.”

9. Crinkle eyes

“When their eyes crinkle when they laugh. It makes the person instantly more attractive.”

10. Focus

“That look girls get when they’re super focused on something can be damn hot. And when you catch a glimpse of her eyes, they look like daggers and the moment something distracts them, they soften right back to normal. I love the little details.”

11. Motherly

“A caring woman. Like someone who has that motherly instinct and tries to take care of people. It honestly makes me feel warm inside.”

12. Multi-lingual

“The number of languages they speak.”

13. Roasted

“Really weird but when a guy is making fun of me (but not in a mean way).

I have no idea why but a guy becomes instantly 10 times hotter when he starts roasting me. Maybe it’s because most guys only ever compliment the girls they are trying to get with & getting compliments make me act extremely awkward.”

14. Imperfections

“Little ‘imperfections’ like a crooked nose or a scraggle tooth.”

15. Social butterfly

“Someone who isn’t afraid to be social. I didn’t realize it until I met my husband, who will talk to anyone. He isn’t afraid of any social situation and never shy’s away from a conversation with anyone. It’s the best.”