Family is family, but that doesn’t mean you have to respect all of them. Especially the ones who do unthinkable things.

In this article, AskReddit users reveal the worst, most messed up things a family member has done.

1. Ripped off

“A family member requested to borrow $10,000 from my mother in order to attend school. He deceived her by saying that check or cash is the only payment method accepted.

My mother, not knowing much about the situation at hand, writes it up for him thinking that it’s for college tuition.

Next thing you know, he bounces out of the city with my mother’s money and never contacted her ever again.”

2. No longer speaking

“One of my uncles borrowed $20,000 from my other more successful Uncle to start a business and refuses to pay his more successful brother back because he’s “got so much money already”.

The more successful uncle refuses to sue him because that’s not what family does, but they are no longer on speaking terms.”

3. Shady

“One of my younger brothers is currently dating our oldest brother’s wife.

They were having an affair in secret for three years before anyone figured it out.”

4. Meth is bad

“My brother threatened to kick in my front door and kill me (6 months pregnant), my husband and 2-year-old son.

He had stolen the phone I had purchased for my dad and I turned it off.

He wanted me to turn it back on.

Meth is bad, kids.”

5. Cut out

“My grandfather had my grandma change her will to cut out my mom two years after my grandma had developed full-blown dementia.”

6. Substance abuse

“I had a cousin who was addicted to substances and his parents were always doing stuff to bail him out and keep him from being homeless. One time they put down a deposit and paid rent for a furnished apartment for him. He ended up selling the furniture for money.

Another time they rented a mobile home for him and couldn’t figure out why the water bill was so high. Turns out he was charging his homeless friends $1 to take a bath/shower and that was going on pretty much around the clock.”

7. Karma

“My cousin tried to really hurt me when I was 6.

He loosened the bolts in my coffee table, told me to lay under it, and hit it so it fell on me.

It killed the nerves in my two front teeth and had to get them pulled out.

But now my cousin is fat, can’t walk, and has to wear diapers while spiraling into depression, so it all turned out well in the end.”

8. Cousin

“A cousin of mine put a weapon to my throat when I was about 8 to scare the life out of me. It worked. Almost literally.”

9. Not dead

“My dad’s wife told me that he was dead when he wasn’t.

I only found out months later when a relative said he’d recently had an operation and was doing well.

I emailed her and said, “I believe dad has perked up a bit?” She didn’t respond.”

10. All in the family

“My grandfather married his stepdaughter.”

11. Stay a while

“My grandmother said she needed a place to stay one night due to issues with her housemate.

She slept on the couch…for the next ten years.

Made no effort to get her own place despite having a very good retirement income and still working part-time as a nurse.

Loved to hit the casino though.”

12. Thief

“My sibling stole my brother’s and my inheritance from our grandfather to us (land, property, and cash) because we’re half breeds.”

13. Greedy

“During my father-in-law’s unexpected sickness and death, my brother-in-law got greedy. While my wife was staying with my father in law at the hospital my brother in law proceeded to loot my father in law of as many of his earthly possessions as he could load up, and took it all to his house; my wife has never been allowed to go through these personal possessions.

After moving my father in law to hospice, to cover his tracks my brother in law proceeded to tell the entire family that I had stolen large amounts of money from my father in law. There was no truth to this whatsoever in any shape, form, or fashion. And in fact, after my father in law’s death, my brother in law embezzled the estate funds $50k from the account— my wife ended up suing him and he had to return half. This act tore the family apart; all because of greed. It’s been 6 years and I think about it every day, still.”

14. A whole lotta funny business

“My sister talked my ex-husband into suing me for full custody at the exact moment I was unable to contest it properly because I had just suffered a huge loss in month nine of my pregnancy.

She also foddered his case with lies to make me look like a terrible mother, while simultaneously patting me on the back and consoling me that he was a terrible man

He didn’t win, but the case made things contentious for us for years and made it impossible to grieve with my now husband because I was in survival mode to make sure I didn’t lose my daughter.”

15. Awful

“My family member got our early Alzheimer’s father to sign a loan putting the house up, then purposefully defaulted, resulting in mother to be evicted.

Mother and father ended up in separate homes and died a year apart.

Took all the insurance money and left the grave without a stone.”

Wow. Just wow.

What’s the deal with some people? Why are they so horrible?

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