In the program for Andy Warhol’s 1968 art exhibition in Sweden, the words were printed “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.”

Whether Warhol himself originated the phrase or paraphrased it from someone else is uncertain, but “15 minutes of fame” has since become ubiquitous, and, as it turns out, rather prescient.

It’s the phrase being quoted in this prompt on r/AskReddit:

What was your “15 minutes of fame?”
byu/Internalgenius inAskReddit

Of course, in the age of the internet, our first thought is that many people have likely had that one tweet or video or comment that’s “blown up.” But moments that feel like personal fame come in all shapes and sizes even today. Here (fittingly enough) are 15 moments of 15 minute fame.

1. The time I was cuter than a dolphin.

I was only a little baby, my parents were on holiday to sea world and they sat me on a chair eating a banana, apparently the big screen kept cutting to me and the audience going “awwww”

– Zacho666

2. The time my work was recognized.

I did a webcomic that had a good run for a while. One time I saw my comic brought up in a thread about people’s favorites.

That was enough for me.

– dans_assorted_art

3. The time I knew everything about Springfield.

Was once number one in the world on an app called QuizUp in The Simpson’s category.

– JW1720

4. Kristen Bell bought me books.

A year or so ago, actress Kristen Bell was doing a campaign on Instagram called “10 Featured Teachers”.

She pick from a list of teachers that were submitted and send out their classroom Amazon wish list to her followers. The idea was to help teachers supply their classrooms, since they usually have to do it out of their own pockets.

Well, my wife is an English teacher, and threw her name in the hat, and she got picked.

The response was amazing. She had books on her wish list, since she teaches English, and we got hundreds in a few days. Really restored my faith in humanity for a bit.

I of course shared it on my Instagram as well, so I briefly became “the husband who’s wife got picked by Kristen Bell”.

– krmly

5. The time I saved that kid.

A couple years ago I was at a very crowded amusement park with my gf and a couple of friends and we found a crying kid who had lost his parents.

So I lifted him on my shoulders and started shouting “LOST CHILD ! WHO HAS LOST A CHILD?” and the panicked mom was found in less than 15 seconds.

Hundreds of people started clapping and cheering, and a stranger offered me a drink lol. Was fun.

– Ostravaganza

6. The time I brought everyone fake drinks.

I’m the Asian waitress walking between tables when Martin Freeman is doing karaoke in Whiskey Tango Foxtrot


7. The time I did a naughty pose.

My picture was in Playboy. My mom bought five copies.

– 02K30C1

8. The time I found my space.

In my final year of high school (2009), I won a competition for MySpace to ‘crash my formal’.

I was shy and didn’t want to tell the whole year at parade so i got a friend to do it. But everyone knew it was me.

– sunnybizzle92

9. The time my head blew up big.

My face is on a billboard (for motorcycle safety) where I live. Was supposed to be for one year.

They’ve been up for 8 or 9 years so I guess it’s more than 15 minutes…. but I’m wearing a helmet and only my eyes are showing so tough to recognize.

– TheLuchy

10. The time I was one in a billion.

Not me but my youngest brother.

He was born on the day the 6th or 7th billionth person was born in the world so he and my mom were in the news as the 6/7 billionth baby.

Whichever one happened in 1999 I can’t remember.

– Philosopher_1

11. The time I realized I had fans.

This is a small one, but a few years back my friend and I made 52 episodes of a YouTube series just for sh*ts and giggles. It was funny to *us* and we thought maybe some others would think it was ok. But it didn’t take off. I think even now the highest viewed video has maybe 3k views. We had a blast making it though.

About 40 eps in, we get contacted by a tiny video game podcast. They apparently *loved* the show and wanted to interview us on their podcast even though our show had nothing to do with video games. I went and listened to some of their past shows and sure enough, they brought our show up with reverence and laughter. We had genuine fans. It was so strange. We went on the show and they asked us lots of questions and geeked out a little over it. It was very flattering and encouraging.

– ThingCalledLight

12. The time I was the face of fun.

I was a child model who appeared on a number of MB Toys game boxes. I also did many TV adverts for McDonalds, Marks&Spencer’s etc. Did an advert with Linda Lusardi. Then we moved up North, changed agencies, and I didn’t get any work. But it was very cool going into ToysRus and seeing your face all over the latest games and showing off to your mates.

And of course when it was “Bring a toy in from home day ” for school I brought in my own games. Just like a show off little turd.

– AboutTimeCroco

13. The time we let the cat out of the bag.

My now ex-husband and I were on the front cover of a few tabloid magazines and interviewed on several radio stations across the US for an ad I placed to re-home our cat, that our son developed allergies to. It was something like:

Free to a good home, female cat or husband. Husband says either the cat goes or he goes. Cat fixed, husband isn’t.

– CampingWithCats

14. The time I spoke truth to power.

I barely restrained myself from swearing on Channel 4 News (UK) when debating Prime Minister David Cameron on the subject of grammar schools aged 14.

– RockMeDoctorZaius

15. The time I was me.

My parents were pretty hype when I was born

– Radiant_Hat

It’s a nice little reminder to celebrate the good moments. Look closely; there are more of them around than you might think.

What’s your 15 minutes of fame?

Tell us in the comments.