I’m obsessed with all things dark/creepy/scary/frightening. I love reading true crime books and watching crime documentaries.

And I really love hearing true, scary stories from people. So we’re all in for a bit treat with these tales.

AskReddit users enlightened us and shared some creepy true stories that you might not know about.

1. That is horrible.

“The fact that three sailors were trapped alive in the submarine wreckage of the USS West Virginia after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

They survived for 16 days, kept a calendar, and constantly knocked on the ship’s hull in an effort to alert rescuers. However, they were also sitting on tons of sunken live ammunition, and there was no adequate technology to rescue them. Thus, those above ground simply had to listen to a haunting banging noise for 16 days.

The story was only recently made public.”

2. A terrifying individual.

“William Melchert-Dinkel. He would make suicide pacts with young teens and watch them die on web camera, backing out of the pact at the last minute so he could get his jollies over and over.”

3. A cult leader.

“The story of Roch Thériault, a batsh^t insane cult leader from Canada. He physically and mentally tortured all the members of the cult, raped the women, performed surgeries on them, brutally punished everyone that didn’t do exactly as told and is responsible for the murder of an infant by leaving it out in the cold. I feel physically ill reading about that man.”

4. On the inside.

“The serial killer BTK actually worked for a security company for some time installing alarms to clients that wanted to keep the killer out of their homes.”

5. Scary kids.

“James Patrick Bulger (16 March 1990 – 12 February 1993) was a boy from Kirkby, England, who was murdered on 12 February 1993, at the age of two. He was abducted, tortured and murdered by two ten-year-old boys, Robert Thompson (born 23 August 1982) and Jon Venables (born 13 August 1982).”

6. Murder Down Under.

“The Snowtown Murders

Also known as the ‘Bodies-in-Barrels murders’ were a series of homicides that took place in South Australia between August 1992 and May 1999. The crimes were uncovered on 20 May 1999, when the remains of eight victims were found in barrels of acid in a rented former bank building.

The building was littered with tools used by the killers to torture and murder their victims, including knives, a bloodstained saw, double barreled shotgun, coils of rope, rolls of tape, rubber gloves, cloths, and a variac metallurgy tool that the killers used to administer electric shocks to the genitals and other sensitive parts of the victim’s body.”

7. Sounds kind of like Dahmer…

“Dennis Nilsen usually killed his victims (which were 20-30 year old men) and left their bodies lying around his home for a few days before dismembering them. One victim he killed and left his torso hanging in his bedroom.

Another time Dennis found a man stumbling outside, he took him inside and called an ambulance. The next day the man came back to thank Nilsen. Nilsen killed him.”

8. Going way back.

“Gilles de Rais. He was a contemporary of Joan of Arc who tortured and killed children, often times in black magic rituals.

In his own confession, Gilles testified that “when the said children were dead, he kissed them and those who had the most handsome limbs and heads he held up to admire them, and had their bodies cruelly cut open and took delight at the sight of their inner organs; and very often when the children were dying he sat on their stomachs and took pleasure in seeing them die and laughed”.”

9. In my hometown…

“I’m late on this, but in my hometown in 2006, a 10 year old girl was kidnapped. There was a huge search that went on to only find that her apartment upstairs neighbor had taken her. He raped her both alive and dead and the cut her into pieces and soaked her in meat tenderizer. He also cut her head about half way through at the mouth. She was found in plastic tubs in meat tenderizer.

He planned on eating her. Creepy to me because it happened three blocks from my house and I was one of the last people to see her alive. (Story there is I saw her at the outside the library shortly before she walked home and was abducted.) Her name was Jamie Rose Bolyn I think.

(This one is just from what my mom told me. i was too little to remember or understand what was happening. So some info might be off) The town I live in now has a creepy story as well. In the early 1990s, a little boy went missing. They looked everywhere for his body and finally found it in a trash bag hidden in a frisbee golf course. He was still alive.

He was raped and his genitals were mutilated, but the worst part is that his kidnapper cut the little boys eyelids off so that he had to watch. The boy said that the man lured him to the park by saying that the kidnapper lost his dog and asked the kid to help find him. The man was never found and the boy is still alive today.”

10. School massacre from the 1920s.

“Most people think that Newtown or Virginia Tech was the worst incident of mass murder at a US school. They’re wrong.

Andrew Kehoe’s neighbors described him as a intelligent, but impatient man. More quietly they spoke of how he had beaten one of his horses to death in a fit of rage when it failed to meet his expectations. His reputation for thriftiness earned him the role of treasurer of the school board in Bath, Michigan, but the other members soon found him difficult to work with. By 1926, his wife became ill with chronic tuberculosis. The cost of her treatments had put a strain on the couple’s finances, but Kehoe blamed the school superintendent. Around the same time, he ran for the position of town clerk, which he had been temporarily filling, but was soundly defeated. He took this as a personal rejection by the people of Bath, and began to make strange remarks, telling a bus driver he was delivering a paycheck to “My boy, you want to take good care of that check as it is probably the last check you will ever get” or warning a teacher that if she “wanted a picnic she would better have it at once.”

On the morning May 18th, 1927, Kehoe set off firebombs that he had set across his property. He then packed his truck full of pyrotol (a repurposed WWI incendiary explosive) and dynamite, and drove into town, telling firefighters arriving at the scene “Boys, you’re my friends. You better get out of here. You better head down to the school”.

Fifteen minutes after classes began at the Bath Consolidated School, an alarm clock went off, detonating a stockpile of explosives that Kehoe had hidden there in the basement over the course of months, using his position as a school handyman. The initial blast killed thirty-eight people collapsed the entire north wing of the school, trapping more in the rubble.

A half an a hour later, as townspeople had flocked to the school to try and rescue students and teachers from the wreckage, Kehoe pulled up. When he saw the superintendent there, he waved him over, confessed to the bombing. Kehoe then said “I’ll take you with me,” and fired the rifle he was carrying into the back seat, detonating the explosives there, and killing seven more people including himself.

Investigators found several things when the examined his farm later. He had girdled all his trees to kill them, cut all his fences, and wired the legs of his horses together so he couldn’t be rescued from the fire. They found his wife, beaten to death. They found a sign with the words “Criminals are made, not born” stenciled on it and tied to the fence. And finally, the found unused farm equipment in his barn that, if he had sold it, would have relieved his financial burden.”

11. Have you heard of this guy?

“Cayetano Santos Godino (October 31, 1896 – November 15, 1944), also known as “Petiso Orejudo” (“Big Eared Midget”), was an Argentinian serial killer who terrorized Buenos Aires at the age of 16. In the early 20th century, he was responsible for the murder of four children, the attempted murder of another seven children, and the arson of seven buildings.”

12. Still unsolved.

“The Lead Masks Case. In 1966 in Brazil a boy flying a kite found two dead guys wearing lead masks. They wore raincoats and had a bottle of water with them, as well as notebook saying:

16:30 be at the agreed place

18:30 take capsules after effect metals wait for mask sign

The capsules could have been (and probably were) poison, but the bodies were incorrectly stored and became contaminated. All we know about the men was that they went into a shop and bought raincoats and the bottle of water at a shop and went straight to the hill. Nobody knows where they got the tablets or what they expected to happen. The case remains unsolved 47 years later.”

13. OH MY GOD.

“William Edward Hickman kidnapped a girl, holding her for ransom so that he could go to Bible college. He promised to return her, and when the ransom was delivered her father could see her in the passenger seat of the car. Hickman drove off, then threw the girl out of the car. Only then could her father see that she was already dead, dismembered and disemboweled, and her limbs had been wired back to her body to make it appear as if she were still alive.”

14. Corpse bride.

“Carl Tanzler became morbidly obsessed with his young tuberculosis patient. Two years after her death, he stole her body and lived with her corpse in his bed for 7 years until it was discovered. He turned the corpse into a doll and even inserted a paper tube in the vaginal area so he could have intercourse with the corpse.”

15. The killer pig F*rmer.

“So, I live in Vancouver, Canada. You may have heard of of Robert “Willie” Pickton, a pig F*rmer that has confessed to 49 murders.

Someone you might not know about is his brother, David. Let me tell you a story about Willie and David. This story comes to me via an underworld friend of mine. Willie and David owned a pig farm, and David ran a Hell’s Angel protected bar out of a building across the road from the main property. The official story is that Willie was sick in the head, and David had no idea that his brother was a murderer, he was too busy chumming it up with the HA (Hell’s Angels). My friend tells it differently. Have you ever seen the movie Hostel?

That’s what was going on at the Pickton farm. David was the brains, the HA supplied the protection, and Willie kidnapped the streetwalkers. The bodies were mainly fed to the pigs, but some were packed up in barrels and shipped to a local rendering plant (none were checked). Willie got protection for his… habit, while his brother David and the HA made bank off of rich clients that would pay big for a “special experience.” David was the one with the client lists and HA connections.

If you know anything about the case (read the wiki!), the issue of hookers disappearing from the Vancouver Downtown Lower East Side was largely ignored by the police. One investigator claims she was purposefully given shoddy people to help in her work, and essentially left out to dry by the higher-ups. The Vancouver PD (who had jurisdiction where the women were kidnapped) and the RCMP (who had jurisdiction where Willie lived and killed) couldn’t or wouldn’t work together properly, and dropped the ball several times, even ignoring one neighbour who’d complained to a friend about seeing Willie gutting a woman in his barn (she was too frightened to speak with police).

They also dropped a witness who Pickton had assaulted and attempted to kidnap, because she was an addict. Basically, there was a lot of political BS between the two forces, and no one cared about hookers disappearing. If my friend is right, it could be that some of the political problems might have been fostered by people that were “clients” of David and Willie. David has never been arrested for anything in connection to this, by the by.

I told someone else I know about this: he stopped dead. He’d been in the same prison where Pickton is now held. He told me how Pickton had his own ward, completely isolated, but apparently kept extremely well. Beer and couches well.”

Okay, well I won’t get to sleep tonight or for the next WEEK! Yikes!

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