This thread is a little mean…buuuuuut, maybe these people kind of deserve this criticism for being huge dummies…

AskReddit users didn’t hold back as they revealed who is the dumbest person they’ve ever met.

This is gonna be fun!

1. That’s…not correct.

“A girl in my school was using a calculator on a test and typed in the math problem in wrong she then proceeded to type syntax error as an answer.”

2. Hmmmm…

“Back in high school a guy named Kevin was arguing with me, and anyone who would listen, saying that STD’s are prevented by having sex.

After about a minute of explaining to him what STD meant I decided to just say “let’s agree to disagree.” But he didn’t let it go. He pulled out a $50 bill from his wallet and bet me that he was right.

After he looked it up the crowd mentality forced him to pay up.”

3. She now works for NASA.

“My psych class. One girl asked “Is eye color a behavior?”.

Not really stupid, more wtf, but she also said she wanted to have a pet baby. Not wanting a pet, or a baby. A pet baby human.”

4. Not the sharpest tool in the shed.

“Oh god. I had a neighbor that fits this description perfectly. Once dug a “trap” hold in my friend’s back yard and covered it with leaves, then proceeded to fall into it and we had to pull him out. Would repeatedly climb the tree in his front yard all the way to the top, then fall out of it every time. Except the one time that he didn’t and we had to call the fire department because he couldn’t remember how to climb down.

Was riding his bike to our house in swim shorts with a towel around his neck. Leaned too far over and the towel got stuck in the spokes. He flipped over the handle bars and the bike flipped over and landed on top of him. We wouldn’t let him near our trampoline, because we feared for his and our lives. He’s now a high ranking army man…”

5. That’s…pretty bad.

“I know a guy who got a composite score of 4 on his ACT.

I know, it sounds impossible. I thought it was too, but I was at his house when his mom got the mail with his score on there, and I saw the piece of paper myself.”

6. Two stories.

“The guy who wound up wanting to fight me because I was explaining to him that calamari was Italian for squid. He insisted people do not ever, ever eat squid…

The delightful conversation with a man who insisted all zebras in Africa are extinct, although I had just returned from there with photographic evidence from just two weeks before.”

7. Oh, boy…

“I had to explain to a girl that penguins were not fish.

I had to explain to another girl who I told this story to why the first girl was not correct.”

8. She seems brilliant.

“Brother’s girlfriend:

“Did you know Poland was the only country not affected by World War II?”
“Hitler wasn’t a bad guy, they just gave him the wrong job.”
“I like cows; they’re cute and they have big eyes, but I don’t like horses. They’re big and they look like cows.”

“Wine that comes in plastic is fancier than wine that comes in glass bottles, because plastic has more technology.” As my brother is cooking her a filet mignon, she looks at the steak in the pan for a minute before asking, “Is that the whole fish?””

9. Very bright.

“A girl in my class believed that Neanderthals ate ice and cheese.

Bonus: she didn’t know eggs came from chickens. She thought they were manufactured in a factory.”

10. I like Nelson Mandela’s music.

“I worked with this girl last summer, who was beyond dumb. At first it was amusing, but then it just got really sad.

We were talking about Nelson Mandela being really sick (this was in june) and she said “well I sure hope she’ll be ok, her music is so good” She thought WWII was between America and Africa. She thought potatoes could only grow in America and when asked what her boyfriends name was, she said “I can’t really pronounce it – so I just call him Mike.

He spells it like M I C H A E L”

11. This is true!

“I know a girl who wrote a paper about how polar bears only live in Poland.”

12. I want one of these shirts.

“A girl in class said “wait… I thought pork chops came from chickens?”

My friend had it made into a T-shirt.”

13. Animal expert.

“I know a girl who genuinely believes that gorillas and giraffes are not real and the ones at the local zoo are just people in costumes.”

14. Well, is it?

“We had to watch the movie ‘Defiance’ in my english class and afterwards this girl put her hand up and asked, “Is Jewish a country?”

Later on after after watching Defiance (which is about three Jewish brothers in Nazi occupied Europe) for the SECOND time she asked,” Wait…. Were they brothers!?” I wanted to throw a stapler at her.”

15. It goes on forever and ever…

“Had a classmate in 8th grade who legitimately thought that the ocean had no bottom.

Our teacher showed a diagram of the deepness of the ocean, and she just couldn’t grasp it. I don’t know how you get all the way to 8th grade without learning that the ocean doesn’t just drop off into nothing…”

OMFG… these people. How do they even exist in the world? I guess there’s a place for everybody, unfortunately.

What do you think? Have you ever met somebody this stupid?

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