People aren’t generally in the mood for jokes about capitalism these days, so if you manage to craft a tweet about it that makes people laugh and doesn’t offend them, well, you definitely deserve to make it on a list like this.

If you’re wondering just how someone can make the topic funny, well, that’s why you’re here – just scroll down to find out.

(By the way, we hope you’re doing well today, because it’s tough out there. Just saying.)

13. You don’t even have to whisper.

12. It does make everything less easy and less attractive.

11. Let’s just stop and think about what you said there.

10. It’s basically the Hunger Games.

9. Ok so not everyone wants to hear about it.

8. The millennials are not to blame.

7. So you’re saying nothing has changed.

6. A touchy subject, but a necessary conversation.

5. Make sure to complete all steps.

4. Yes tell me more about how harmed you are.

3. It never goes well for the old guard.

2. There seems to be something amiss here.

1. History isn’t just for nerds, my friends.

I don’t know about you, but I’m laughing! Oh capitalism… you’re so flawed, but what else we got?

Oh, nothing? We’ve got nothing else? Cool! I guess we’ll just keep going with this thing then! Haha… our cool world.

Do you have a favorite joke about capitalism? Did we miss one and you want to add your voice?

Tell us in the comments! It’s completely free. Unlike everything else in this world.

*shaking my head and meaning it*