We’re taught from our youngest days to NEVER TALK TO STRANGERS (or to take anything from them). But sometimes opening up to people we don’t know really pays off in a big way.

These 15 photos are proof of that.

1. Aren’t you glad you did it?

Awwwww! She looks so happy!

Photo Credit: Twitter

2. Couldn’t resist the urge

Quench that thirst!

Photo Credit: Twitter

3. Santa saves the day

Sometimes he doesn’t wear his suit… but it’s him!

Photo Credit: Twitter

4. Smiles for days

That’s quite a smile Cameron! Good job!

Photo Credit: Twitter

5. This is awesome

Those kids are going places with that kind of attitude!

Photo Credit: Twitter

6. Went the extra mile

Thank you photographer stranger!

Photo Credit: Twitter

7. Where were you?

“I almost cried”

Photo Credit: Twitter

8. Goals for days!

“That’s my husband.”

Photo Credit: Twitter

9. Send me that pic!

They really do… and it’s magical.

Photo Credit: Twitter

10. Friends all the same

Met IRL and then friends for lyfe!

Photo Credit: Twitter

11. C’mon in kid!

You’re part of the family now!

Photo Credit: Twitter

12. Helping out the youth

Gotta get that kid to school, yo!

Photo Credit: Facebook

13. Pure joy

Just making life a little bit happier.

Photo Credit: Facebook

14. Excited

“And I get to see my wife now and I’m sooooo happy!”

Photo Credit: Tumblr

15. A great kid

And he’s socially distanced too!

Photo Credit: Reddit

Wholesome as can be, right?

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