When it comes to saving money and not spending frivolously, every little bit of advice helps. We can all be smarter with our finances, so it’s time to keep your mouth shut and your ears open.

People on AskReddit weighed in with their advice.

1. Avoid them at all costs.

“Don’t use credit cards.

Unless you know you’re one of those people that will pay the bill off completely at the end of every month and want to take advantage of the rewards.

Even then… don’t use them.”

2. Check Amazon first.

“That thing you want might be way cheaper on Amazon.

You never know unless you search. It takes two minutes.”

3. Take this one to heart.

“Work like an adult, live like a college student.”

4. Don’t spend it.

“If you are lucky enough to receive a substantial inheritance, DON’T SPEND A DIME OF IT (unless you owe the mob some money and your legs are about to have a rough encounter with a baseball bat).

Seriously. I got about 10k from an inheritance while I was a senior in high school. I blew through it in less than a year. Most of it went towards cigarettes, pot, alcohol, other non essentials, etc. All I really have to show from it is my laptop.

Now I’m a sophomore in college and working a sh^tty job, donating plasma, and participating in research studies monthly just so I can make rent payments and pay off sh^tty internet service. I can’t even imagine how much easier my life would be if I had just saved that money or even invested some of it so help me out in the future.”

5. Not for everyone.

“For the youngins: Really think about if you want to go to college. It’s not for everyone.

There’s a lot of opportunities in the skilled trades now if you’re into one of them.

College can put you into major debt, so make sure you want to make the investment beforehand.”

6. Some good tips.

“Housing and food / eating out will eat a lot of budget if you let them. Live within your means.

Don’t get payday loans. Ever. Credit card interest will eat you alive if you make minimum payments, so if you must let a balance float, pay it off the next month.

Get a cheap but affordable car. You don’t need a $30k car. A $15k car will do, if you must by new. Appropriate tires will be cheaper than paying insurance deductibles or increased premiums if you live somewhere with weather. If you can take public transportation, you can save a lot by doing that instead of getting car in the first place.

Alcohol at a bar is very expensive. Buy Cards Against Humanity and have a guest bring a bottle of rum.

Save for a rainy day, even a little, every month or pay period.”

7. This will pay off when you’re older.

“Brush your teeth. Taking good care of your teeth will save you a sh^t ton of money.”

8. Don’t be a lead foot.

“Drive the speed limit and buckle your safety belt. It costs me $120 a month in car insurance for a 12 year-old Prius because I had a lead foot in my younger days.

Now I have a bad catalytic converter and my car is physically unable to exceed the speed limit. I haven’t received a ticket in two years & my insurance rates have flat-lined.”

9. Avoid the big-name companies.

“Instead of getting your taxes done with a big-name company, use a Mom-and-Pop company that has had the same owners for years.”

10. It’s pretty expensive.

“Learn to relax after work without drugs or alcohol.”

11. STOP.

“Just stop buying sh^t. Seriously, stop it. Look how much f*cking junk you have that you don’t need and have never needed. Look how much of it was never any use or any fun.

Stop caving in to advertising and marketing and learn to stop buying garbage.”

12. Things won’t be as appealing.

“Go grocery shopping after you’ve eaten.”

13. Fund your fun.

“Get some kind of marketable skill in your twenties. A trade. An IT skill. Even if it is not your dream job. Then put time in doing it. It gives you something you can use to build income value on, by building experience in your field.

It might not be fun, but it will FUND your fun. That’s what jobs do.

Not many jobs are fun after 10 or 20 years, even if they were your dream job.

That’s why the call them jobs, not hobbies.”

14. As simple as that.

“Quit buying sh^t you don’t need with money you don’t have.”

15. And then there’s this…

“Men: Always wear a condom Women: Take your birth control every day.

There. Money and sanity saved.”

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