I’m all for being a prankster and having fun with my family and friends, but sometimes people just take things too far. WAY TOO FAR.

So far that now I’m pissed and these things didn’t even happen to me.

Has anyone ever pulled any pranks like this on you…?


2. That’s pretty nasty.

3. Enjoy this sucker.

Been dipping a q-tip in a candle for a solid half hour. Just so I can watch my room mate eat the “sucker”
byu/h12c23w inpranks

4. I would be on the hunt for whoever did this.

5. Salty Patch Kids.


6. Quite an experiment…

2.5 ounces
byu/dariusk__ infunny

7. You might get dumped ASAP.

I am a terrible girlfriend(April fools prank)
byu/Sand_Panda infunny

8. Better watch your back…

To the asshole with the mustard packets…
byu/Jboyd024 infunny

9. Can you pick ’em out?

Great Prank

10. That’s not good.

black belt in prank-até

11. It’s the FreshMaker.

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12. Welcome home!

The Prank

13. Who’s in the kitchen?

I got a mannequin. My roommates are going to LOVE it.
byu/SeattleiteSatellite infunny

14. Nightmare fuel.

My roommate is afraid of clowns.
byu/mikejones84 inpics

15. Ready to brush your teeth?

Now my blood is boiling! Sheesh!

Which one of these things did you think was the craziest?

Let us know in the comments!