You know that moment when you’re hopelessly cracking up and, at the same time, shaking your head and gasping “that’s so dumb?”

Like, you realize that whatever is making you laugh is stupid and honestly not THAT funny but those truths somehow make you laugh harder?

That’s what these 15 posts are going to do to you, and it will be glorious. So get going!

15. Imagine not just trashing these.

I guess maybe someone could paint over them…but also they had to TELL people they were misspelled.

byu/dankiestmemeboi incomedyheaven

14. Who knew how much amusement could come from a yogurt label?

It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

13. Oh my land stop it right now.

I’m talking to myself, snickering.

12. Some people have a lot of time on their hands.

Why does this image exist in the first place?!

11. Ah yes, the taco.

I would never have thought of that.

10. We are so bad at driving.

Just go ahead and admit it and laugh at yourself.

9. Why am I laughing?!

Do I need help? Do we all???

Do you even boops?
byu/kalozur inmemes

8. So, so dumb.

Why are you laughing??

I said beep boop, it’s a joop

7. Honestly who could tell the difference?

It doesn’t really matter.

6. Today is not that day.

I don’t want to see the day butt jokes aren’t funny.

5. You have to know where to draw the lines in your life.

Who doesn’t need a hippo? It doesn’t even have to be for Christmas!

[deleted by user]
by incomedyheaven

4. What else could one assume?

3. Why though?

I can honestly say I’ve never been that bored.

2. Yes, yes that sounds right.

Who could argue?

1. Spoiler alert: it’s bones.

Also what does this guy have against bones?

Wow, let’s all start taking those stupid warnings more seriously, yeah?

But also lol.