Teachers are supposed to be safe people in our lives – we’re supposed to be able to go to them when we need help or advice, and trust that they’re of sound mind and have our best interests at heart.

Sadly, like all professions, teaching is full of human beings….some of whom are downright awful.

Like these 15 people who definitely chose the wrong job.

15. The police, really?

Had my phone taken away during my first period class. Teacher told me I could pick it up during the second to last period of the day. He put it into his desk and word got out to my friends that he had my phone.

Now my friends being the jokesters they are, got a hold of my phone while the teacher was out of his classroom and changed the wallpaper of it to a picture of one of their asses. When I go and pick up my phone I question him as to what happened to my phone and why didn’t he lock his classroom door when he left. All the while showing him what happened to my wallpaper. Dude immediately gave me a whole week of after school detention for harassing him and I got sent to have a long talk with the principal.

Principal understood what happened and decided to not escalate this situation any further (he was considering getting police involved). But still decided to give me a whole week of detention for getting caught with my phone.

14. I hope this didn’t really happen.

I have this weird memory of going to a teachers class who wasn’t our normal teacher… he was a funny teacher and everyone loved him.. anyway.. this one time a kid that always acted out was being disruptive in the class and I remember he pinned the kids collar underneath the leg of his chair as we were all sitting on the mat and then took his shoes off and made him stay there and smell his dirty feet as punishment. I can remember him trying to get up but couldn’t

Now as an adult i think to myself… “did this sh^t really happen” … i didnt even tell my mum.because i was afraid of the same thing happening to me of i told because in the school yard there was an anti dibbadobbing culture and i saw if i dobbed on the teacher to mum id be in trouble at school.

So effed up.

13. Lord of the Flies but with an adult.

Encouraged students to bully certain other kids in the class as some sort of sick punishment for being disruptive.

12. Some kind of sick ritual.

When we were 15, we were physically assaulted by our maths professor after school. We were handpicked and warned not to tell any of your friends. 75% of the guys from the class got beat up. I’m taking this to the grave.

11. My heart.

2nd grade.

When it was kids birthdays, they’d bring in snacks for the other kids, and would pass them out to the others, but everybody had to wait and the birthday kid got to eat theirs first. My best friend brought in teddy grahams for everybody and my little ADD-riddled brain dipped out and I went ahead and ate it when he gave it to me.

My teacher embarrassed me in front of the whole class by yelling at me about it, and then proceeded to take me into the hallway and berate me for 20 minutes for it, with me quietly sniffling in shame.

10. I hope he didn’t embarrass him in front of the class.

Would get angry when I went to the bathroom for three minutes in an 80 minute block. I was 9.

9. PG has for sure evolved over the years.

My 4th grade teacher let us watch Space ball$ because it was PG.

A lot of angry phone calls from parents to the school after that one.

8. This guy seems like a real peach.

Gave my asian friend a detention for sleeping even though he was siting up – he excuse was she could see his eyes -_-

Told kids who didn’t understand the material due to his teaching style that they were lazy and would fail- this man was also a huge over opinionated loser that publish his own cr*ppy poetry and expected admiration for doing basic thing i.e ” My wife won’t have to carry the bags in ” he said that a proud smile and wiggle but the whole class looked at him blankly considering that at that time his sons were 6 months and 3yo. His kids were the only thing I liked about him.

7. Wait, kindergarten?!

Oh, I have a good one for this.

Kindergarten, MLK Day. The teacher decided she wanted to teach us about segregation and discrimination. But instead of watching a video or reading a book, we acted it out. The targets were people wearing pink. Anyone wearing any item of pink clothing was forbidden to use the bathroom, get a drink of water, eat snack, and go outside for recess.

They had to sit in the corner of the classroom all day away from the rest of the class. There was also an impromptu teacher-led spitball session. All within a half-day kindergarten program.

Guess who was the only one wearing pink that day.

6. He was just waiting to pounce.

My teacher follows current students and former students that went to my school.

He asked one of the former students out while he was engaged with his pregnant fiancee.

Right away lost respect for him.

5. Why do so many people think they know better than doctors?

I was diagnosed with IBS when I was 16. Nobody understood what I meant when I said I needed to go to the bathroom. “You can hold it.” No, bitch, I literally can’t. I don’t remember how many times I was sent to the principal because I ran out of the classroom. Once I was diagnosed, most of that stopped thanks to my Dr note I gave to my teachers.

Except for one teacher. Spanish 2, senior year. She didn’t believe there was anything wrong with me, and thought I missed class a lot because I was lazy. She made a comment to a former student (and friend of mine) that she was going to make sure I didn’t graduate. I changed my pathway to one that didn’t require a foreign language, and signed out for 2nd period every day for the rest of the semester. I graduated.

4. The bell rang; just get up and leave.

Threw tantrums when one of my classmates reminded her that the bell already rang.

3. I hope this happened at least 60 years ago.

My third grade teacher paddled me for misunderstanding something she had asked me to do. Only time I had ever gotten in “trouble.”

2. Was she/he just bored, or…?

Got pegged in the face with an (unused) tampon by my Spanish teacher.

Same teacher almost hit me with a thrown pencil.

Same teacher was also lactose intolerant and would each cheese on purpose, then F*rt on students.

Also had a knife pulled on me in that class.

Needless to say I now know basic French instead.

1. She might have been in the wrong field.

High school chemistry teacher told the class that the universe was created by god, for humans therefore extraterrestrials could not exist.

She claimed there was no logical reason for god to spend extra time or energy on living creatures outside of Earth.

She also told us that god came up with all the elements to preserve human life.

I hate to think of my kids coming across jerks like these in a few years!

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