Everybody’s got some insecurities. It’s just part of being a human. But if you let them lead to toxic behaviors, you’re in very dangerous territory in regard to your relationships with other people. Reddit user JackHoffmanTheWise sparked quite the conversation when he posted this to r/AskReddit:

What screams “I’m very insecure”?
byu/JackHoffmanTheWise inAskReddit

There were thousands of answers on a variety of traits and topics, but one theme that came up a lot were severe insecurity red flags as they pertained to dating/relationships.

Some prime examples:

1. The Helicopter Partner.

When people have and insist on constantly checking on their SO via some tracking app on their phone.

It’s one thing to have it and use it in case of emergency, but using it while out with your friends to make sure he’s actually at work is creepy and super insecure.

– madisonjames95

2. The Bodyguard.

Women that guard their men like a solider.

I was leaving an abusive relationship my friend offered me a place to stay.

The hitch was if she wasnt there and just her husband was I had to leave.

I got a hotel room not dealing with that.

– truisluv

3. The Inseparable.

Joint Facebook profiles

– evolution202

4. The Phone Detectives.

Scene: Gets a notification on phone..

ex gf: Who’s chatting to you now?

me: It’s a game notification

me: Goes to shower

me: Comes back to find gf going through every message, email and whatsapp…

Does that scream I’m insecure?

– Andwhy99

5. The Bed-Braggers.

The more you talk about how good you are in bed and how many women you’ve f*cked the less I believe you.

– PhreedomPhighter

6. The Kings & Queens.

Lovey dovey relationship posts and the King/Queen posts on FB.

If you have to advertise that your relationship is that great, it’s probably prolly not that great…

– Kukri187

7. The Grabber.

Grabbing your girl tighter as you walk into public places. Followed by awful looks to anyone who makes eye contact.

– MisterHart87

8. The Overly-Insistent.

Posting photos with your SO on Facebook every day claiming how madly in love you are and how perfect each other is

– Indigogo_

9. The Show-off.

When you complain to a waiter/server to impress your date

– Graceful_Cucumber

10. The Cheater.

Cheating on a long term partner

– LinguisticLex

11. The Punisher.

Any kind of feeling of need to punish a significant other.

If you think of your s/o as out of your control or needing to be controlled you’re insecure, sorry bud.

– cinnamorolling

12. The Clinger.

Clinging to your boyfriend/girlfriend in public whenever you’re near an attractive person.

– AsunaYuuki21

13. The Control fre*k.

I remember shopping with 2 friends and they both kept saying “oh blank would never let me wear that” “blank wouldn’t be cool with me doing (normal think with the opposite gender).

My response was “oh I would never let someone tell me how to dress or who to hang out with”.

I have been with the same guy for nearly 20 years and they still think it’s weird that I do my own thing and don’t ask him permission. f*ck that nonsense.

– MoshPotato

14. The Masker.

Snapchat filters on dating apps

– LaughingJAY

15. The Jumper.

Jumping from one relationship to the next

– Alistairw14

All that said, no judgement here. This stuff is really tough. The important thing is that we all keep working on ourselves one bit at a time.

What would your answer to this post be?

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