Teaching comes part and parcel with some pretty amazing ups and downs.

I’ll let you make the call on whether these totally NSFW moments count as perks or detriments.

Or maybe… both?


15. Of course he is.

Not a teacher, but in grade 11 math there’s this dude who, once a week, would stick his hand down his pants and j^rkit.

He didn’t sit in the back of the class and wasn’t super discrete about it, but the teacher never saw him and nobody else said anything about it.

He’s a doctor now.

14. Stop it. Please.

Not really nsfw but some 12 year old girl wrote her crush’s name with her period blood on a toilet door and it became a tourist destination for a day.

To make it even more gross. This toilet door was situated right in front of the main staircase so everyone had to walk pass it when they were going to recess and most of the kids just spent the entire recess trying to figure out who did it

13. Kids are just growing up way too fast.

Walked into the restroom one day and caught a 6th grade girl giving an 8th grade boy a BJ.

Btw, 6th grade is 11-12 and 8th grade is 13-14.

So yeah, they grow up so fast.

12. This is a fear of mine as a sub.

I was a student in high school and in my junior year we had a substitute sh^t himself.

I felt bad for the guy but it brought much joy to my heart because the chair he sh^t himself in belonged to my old history teacher who we later found out was a pedo.

11. Maybe it was like, for research?

School camp for 14-15 year olds, walk in on a girl giving a guy a handy with about 4 other guys just sitting around watching.

So yeah, I’m sure her parents were proud.

10. Someone has quite the future on the NYC buses.

Posted this on a similar one once, but, applies here…

Currently a teacher at a secondary school (UK) where a student with additional needs likes to have a wank at the back of his classes. He’s done it once in mine (I’m male) and at least twice in a female colleagues, so he’s not picky or anything, just likes to tickle his pickle when he can.

Had to bring parents in, apparently it’s all the rage at home too. Even dinner isn’t off limits, as mum’s caught him with pasta in one hand and his co*k in the other before.

It’s the little things that make this the noble profession.

9. I think this was an episode of Seinfeld.

Not a teacher, but in 10th grade, my history class was covering WWII and the Holocaust, so the teacher had us watch Schindler’s list in class.

For those who haven’t seen the movie, there is a scene where the Nazi camp guards line up the prisoners completely naked. Children, men, and women of all age groups were lined up and nothing was censored. Truly a horrific scene in a sad, but fantastic movie. Out of the corner of my eye, I see one of my classmates jerking off under the desk, member in hand, while looking at the screen very intensely. The teacher walked over and sat on the back tables next to his desk and he stopped.

After the bell rung, the teacher asked my classmate to stay and talk to her. I can only imagine the conversation they had or how the teacher mentally prepped herself for THAT kind of talk.

Obviously, being in 10th grade, we gave the guy sh^t about it the entire rest of the year.

8. Jesus cripes, something is wrong with that kid.

Had a four year old tell me the myriad of ways he’d like to kill me. Shoot me with gun till I’m dead, put me in fire until I’m dead, etc.

Then he tried to push a shelf over on a sleeping child.

Fun times.

7. You really couldn’t find a better spot?

A pair of year 10 going at it doggy in a secluded stairwell.

Can’t unsee that!

6. I don’t even want to know what this means.

I worked IT at a school. Had a laptop come in that “suddenly” stopped working for no reason. In a surprise to no one, the inside was filled with sticky brown soda residue. Got the motherboard replaced at a shop, powered it on, aaaaaand horse pr0n.

With a lot of search history to go along with it. I considered my job done and just handed it to the principle and was on my way.

When I powered on the computer the browser recovered the previously open pages, and that is where everything popped up. We looked through the search history afterwards. But still, it was a school owned machine, checking search histories on them was pretty standard.

Not a furry thing. Real horses, real people. Also a lot of people mentioned ‘Mr Hands’ so I made the mistake of looking that up. Yeah, like that, but multiple different videos.

5. What on actual earth.

Former College Faculty Here…

the worst one I have experienced was being in the bathroom while some guy was having phone sex… while he was taking a cr*p.

To this day I am amazed that I was able to not laugh.

4. I would have trouble recovering, as well.

Using an office chair to aim his an*s at the wall… true battlesh^ts style.

Thankfully the chamber was empty, but the puckering and pulsing as he tried will scar me forever

3. Why on earth would you do that at work?

A few years back, a teacher at my school had sexy pics taken for her husband, and wanted to email them to him. She scanned them on a printer at work, and uploaded them to a shared public directory, thinking she was uploading them to a private folder (which I still don’t know why she thought this was a good idea).

Needless to say it didn’t take long for someone to find her pics on the shared directory.

2. That’s a felony, I’m pretty sure.

Kids would Airdrop naked pics to whoever had theirs turned on. After teachers getting a bunch of pictures we had a huge school investigation. (I taught 7th and 8th grade).

Edit: A lot of people asked and I wasn’t specific I guess, the pics were either of themselves or of other kids who I would assume sent them in confidence and then they got distributed.

1. Yet something else I hope I never encounter.

Used to be a teacher for a year, but this story is relatively tame compared to some of the things I’m reading here.

One day I was giving a test, walking in between the students, some girl sitting in the last row. Everyone was bent over to fill in the test, but every time I walked behind the last row, it appeared as if that girl had pulled her pants lower and lower, up until the point she was nearly sitting on the chair with her bare cheeks.

Of course I had to tell her it was inappropriate, at which point she had to BUTTON UP HER PANTS AGAIN in order for them to stay up.

Very strange thing to comment on, I can tell you that.

I’m literally wheezing but also I never would ave known what to do in any of these situations.

If you’re a teacher or know one with a similar story, please share. Please.