Let’s be real: therapy is expensive. There a lot more people who need therapy than can afford it. So, while we can’t say these tweets are a good replacement for therapy, they’ll at least give you some funny nuggets of wisdom at zero cost.

What a deal!

1. Good to know.

Photo Credit: Twitter: @pants_leg

2. Profound.

3. Tune me up!

4. It’s a lot to unpack…

Photo Credit: Twitter: @MikeIsaac

5. “NO!”

6. Good idea.

Photo Credit: Twitter: @aparnapkin

7. Too spot on.

8. Dang, doc.

Photo Credit: Twitter: @TimFederle

9. Next best thing.

Photo Credit: Twitter: @meganamram

10. *drops mic*

11. Sharing is caring.

Photo Credit: Twitter: @topaz_kell

12. Touché

13. That’s just good time management.

Photo Credit: Twitter: @shutupmay

14. “You’re doing great, I swear!”

Photo Credit: Twitter: @sosadtoday

15. “I’m a therapist, not a wizard.”

And I’m afraid that’s all the time we have. See you next week!