There are things you probably assume everyone knows, but listen. We all have different origin stories and different lives and priorities, so even though you think a thing is common knowledge, it might not be.

That said…these 15 people really should be embarrassed about not learning these things until adulthood.

15. Middle school me just died a little inside for you.

14. Martha Stewart doesn’t own everything for rich people. Just most stuff.

13. And you can even make your own!

12. The big farm up in the sky.

11. I had friends who didn’t know this in COLLEGE.

10. Umm, you don’t need a passport for that.

9. I’m guessing you didn’t grow up anywhere near a farm.

8. No, but some lawyers do prowl around behind ambulances.

7. The name IS kind of confusing.

6. If only there was such a museum. Maybe one day.

5. How many doctors in your life just played along? Jeez!

4. A little elbow grease and it’s as good as new!

3. This is so adorably clueless.

2. It’s what happens when you only read a word but never hear it aloud. Readers everywhere have a similar story, I promise.

1. Geography is hard and maybe confusing on purpose?

And I thought there were things I should have learned earlier – yikes!

Did any of these surprise you? Did you learn something new! Feel free to confess in the comments!