Millennials are more than their over filtered selfies and food truck preferences. They are extremely financial conscience!

Why?  In an age with rising living costs and tuition debt, they are reportedly worse off financially than generations before.


So what do you do when the world’s got you down? As a millennial, you take to social media to vent your frustrations against the generations holding them down.

Let’s take a look at some millennial thoughts about the differences between them and boomers.

15. That is a nice sentiment.

Everybody loves to get cards.

14. This is true.

But does that make you better?

Photo Credit: Twitter, @maiser_beam

13. Oh snap!

Doesn’t seem like that was such a good idea now, was it?

12. Whoa.

Mom… time to get with the times.

11. Truer words have never been spoken.

That guy DID make A LOT of money. Jeezus…

10. They’re gonna change the world, y’all!

And this kid is gonna help A LOT.

9. They’re pure evil.

Nobody covers up beauty like that and gets away with it!

Photo Credit: Twitter, @bo*bsRadley

8. I suppose either could be true.

One is DEFINITELY more sad.

7. And we liked it!

Or something like that.

Photo Credit: Twitter, @samkru_

6. Definitely a generational difference.

Money is fun to have, I guess.

5. You really should be paying more attention to the road.

You could hurt somebody.

4. I mean… there are 30 years in between now and then…

You might want to enjoy them. Money helps.

3. I never thought of it that way, but it makes a lot of sense.

Now who wants to do brunch?

2. Yeah, but because you have money, means you can’t support the industries.

Why doesn’t this make sense?!?

1. You killed Sears, you bastards!!!

Actually, I’m not really that sad.

Now, these may not have solved the world’s problems, but at least they are getting it off their chests.

Have any funny thoughts about millennials or boomers you want to share?

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