Ready to learn your word of the day? Merriam-Webster defines “Malapropism” as:

The usually unintentionally humorous misuse or distortion of a word or phrase
especially : the use of a word sounding somewhat like the one intended but ludicrously wrong in the context
“Jesus healing those leopards” is an example of malapropism.

The example they give there is pretty good – “leopards” put in place of “lepers.” But I’d argue that these 15 examples from the subreddit r/BoneAppleTea are way better. Check ’em out.

15. Engine trouble

Don’t forget to iron them while you’re at it.

Starch your engines
byu/CeonSun inBoneAppleTea

14. Historically delicious

I’d definitely tune in for a roast of history.

Roast history ಠ_ಠ
byu/pileofdeuce inBoneAppleTea

13. Are you dumb

Some people just have no class.

“Bone jaw”
byu/IShotTheMH370 inBoneAppleTea

12. Cannibal typos

Come on man, don’t be shellfish about this.

Don’t eat Asians
byu/proudsquid125 inBoneAppleTea

11. Super sweet

My brain needs to take a nap after this one.

They are cinnamons!
byu/cloudish94 inBoneAppleTea

10. Bad egg

What did he do this time?

Eggs been a dick!
byu/10-eight inBoneAppleTea

9. God willing

Holy crap.

Allah cart
byu/gordoncrisp inBoneAppleTea

8. Dark clouds

I mean, I couldn’t pick ’em out of a lineup.

Damn those clouds look anonymous
byu/putin_on_a_ritz96 inBoneAppleTea

7. Lyrical lemonade

Give this man a degree in music history right now.

Steak and Snow
byu/Nythern inBoneAppleTea

6. In tents

They were having a perfectly good family time and you ate them? You monster.

byu/Altrissa inBoneAppleTea

5. The hateful Nate

It’s good to know that bigotry is still as stupid as ever.

Nate Of Americans is a repost. Please stop it.
byu/PupperPuppet inBoneAppleTea

4. A work of art

I don’t know much, but I know what I like.

vanilla abstract
byu/Malaluan31 inBoneAppleTea

3. Hard of hearing

I’m afraid you have a much more serious case of tomorrow boobs.

[legit] tinnitus
byu/W1TH1N inBoneAppleTea

2. Mr. Discount

How do you go out of your way to find the n with the tilde and still not know what you’re saying?

Señor discount
byu/rasta4eye inBoneAppleTea

1. Say it allowed

MAY the chicken cross the road?

[deleted by user]
by inBoneAppleTea

And there you have it, you learned a new word! Unless you already knew that word, in which case you still learned a bunch of hilarious new examples of it. Either way, this definitely counts as educational and you should be proud of yourself.

What’s the funniest example of this sort of thing that you’ve seen?

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