Sometimes what makes a post truly legendary isn’t the post itself, but the response. I made a joke on Facebook the other day that I thought was pretty funny, but when a friend commented an absolutely perfect response, I conceded that “what I wrote was the setup and this is the punchline I didn’t even realize it needed.”

I think you could kind of say the same for these Tumblr posts. The original is fun, but the reply(s) make it clear that only through collaboration could the bit be complete.

15. Man up

“Well actually, I got these scars from…”

14. Counter-arguments

Fine, have if your way.

13. Can you back that up?

An important reminder in internet safety.

12. Self-perpetuating

Ah, so this is sex.

11. The fast and the furriest

Not how I intended to come out, but OK.

10. Not to be

Shakespeare was the original Tumblr?

9. I’m in

Never color your password red.

8. Duty calls

Smart phones should just be called smarts at this point, we don’t need the phone part.

7. Where are you?

(Make sure you look at the hashtag at the bottom)

6. Hear my prayer

They were trying to have a sincere moment and you ruined it with your hilarious joke.

5. Tag lines

The call is coming from outside the house.

4. Thanks a lot, Obama

They have a special bond.

3. Mountains of laughs

It just keeps getting better.

2. Need vs want

Don’t tell them how to live their metal lives.

1. Tweet tweet, mother*****r

Now you’re speaking my language.

Like a fine wine, only getting better as it ages and is passed from person to person. These Tumblr posts are the heirlooms I will give to my children.

What’s your favorite response you’ve seen lately?

Tell us in the comments.