There are times in life when you can laugh at another person and not feel badly for a single minute – and there are times when your head is saying “bless his heart” but you get the giggles anyway and they just won’t stop.

And even though you’re going to feel a bit bad about it, these 15 unfortunate souls are definitely going to crack you up.

15. Sweetheart. That is brutal.

Putting a TV on a stand that cannot support its weight from Wellthatsucks

14. Bless his heart. That’s a big hole.

Must have been a really shitty day from Wellthatsucks

13. What lovely scaffolding.

Went To Visit Casa Batlló In Barcelona. from Wellthatsucks

12. Rain, rain go away.

Rain ruins the Denver Chalk Art Festival from Wellthatsucks

11. That’s a rookie mistake.

I’ll just turn this on… from Wellthatsucks

10. He was just trying to get some exercise.

Just riding his bike when… from Wellthatsucks

9. I always remember the dog’s name, too.

Oops. from Wellthatsucks

8. But seriously I hope she’s okay.

Bye bye eyes from Wellthatsucks

7. That dog is going to have serious regrets.

The poor Dog, Floor and Owner from Wellthatsucks

6. Man I would be so pissed.

Midnight cabinet collapse from Wellthatsucks

5. Oh man she’s lucky the house is still standing.

My mom accidentally left her mirror in front of the window over the day. After coming back she found this… from Wellthatsucks

4. That’s the universe telling you to get back in bed.

Asked god for a sign from Wellthatsucks

3. Can’t exactly cross that off your bucket list.

But isn’t it all about the journey? from Wellthatsucks

2. That is some typical seagull bull.

What a shit way to fail your driving test from Wellthatsucks

1. Broken garbage bags ruin the best of days.

You know that nice feeling you get when you have a good clear out and all you’ve got to do is put the rubbish in the bin? Well I had that feeling until I got to the stairs and the handle snapped. from Wellthatsucks

I only feel a little bit bad, to be honest. How about you? Do you think these folks did it to themselves?

Let us know your feelings in the comments. Because we love feelings. And comments. 🙂