Because everyone knows for sure that teachers are not paid enough – if they didn’t know that for sure before the shutdown –  they’re aware now after attempting to homeschool their feral pack for just a few days.

People online have been sharing all of the tongue-in-cheek reasons teachers are obviously overpaid, which is actually highlighting why they’re woefully underpaid -and below are 15 you’re not going to want to miss.

13. I think she’s doing it wrong.

12. And kids are just so charming.

11. It’s all fine, though.

10. They figure it out…eventually.

9. I don’t even have a joke. I just want to give this man a hug.

8. Yeah, about that whole summers off thing…

7. Their work is never done.

6. After school AND in the summer? EEP!

5. They never go the extra mile.

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4. Yes, out of her own pocket.

3. Talk about going the extra mile.

2. Ah, yes, the relaxing spring break.

1. What a monster.

I’m 100% sure that I would pay my kids’ teachers more out of my own pocket, if I had it to spare.

What are you planning to do to show your teachers more appreciation once all of this is over? I bet they’re going to be getting the best holiday gifts this year!