There’s no doubt that Tumblr can be many things – sweet, insightful, aggressive, on-point – including funny, but these 15 posts took hilarity to the next level!

15. This is actually a horror story in disguise.

14. And also money for Netflix.

13. *sips tea*


12. I mean friendship is nice and all.

11. Truer words.

10. Big feelings.

9. No wrong answers.

Human form of duolingo owl from tumblr

8. Prove her wrong.

7. They are cute sometimes.

6. Clever girl.

5. It’s funny AND it makes you want to weep.

4. Never give up on a Tumblr post.

3. Now that you think about it…

2. Dumb animated kitty.

1. Nailed it.

Did you lol in real life, too?