Are you ready for a pick-me-up?

Wanna turn that big frown upside down?

I have just the thing! Some of the best dog tweets from 2019.


1. I’ll take that, thank you.

2. I’m very thankful for this video.

3. Not impressed with this costume.

4. She’s working on it.

5. ‘Sup, dog?

6. This is incredible.

7. Your best cheerleader.

8. He can’t believe you’re back!

9. Where’d you get that top?

10. A night out on the town.

11. It’s like clay-mation.

12. At least make it subtle.

13. Maybe the saddest video of the year.

14. Might go pro one day.

15. That is adorable.

Ahhhh, that feels much better.

I needed that kind of wholesome, good fun today.