If you feel like you’re barely keeping things together and just making it all up as you go along, I’ll let you in on a little secret: literally all of us are doing that. Anyone who thinks they’ve got it all together is probably horribly wrong and insufferable to be around. The true human experience is a constant string of “Wait, what?” and it’s a beautiful thing to be celebrated.

Here are fifteen people on Twitter who are just doing their dang best.

15. Indecent proposal

What are friends for?


14. Delayed response

Better just keep everything in boxes for the next move.

13. Personal effects

If that’s your biggest worry you’re living on easy street.

12. Down on the ranch

This is what’s known as a “Midwestern Baptism.”

11. No service

What would you say is your shirt situation?

10. Curriculum vittles

Clearly I was trying to tell you that I’m simple and delicious.

9. Morning buzz

Sharing is caring, Meg.

8. Too chicken?

It’s in the Lord’s hands now.

7. Pronunciation anxiety

You will now say this word out loud in four different ways and none of them will sound right.


6. Have your fill

“I’ll take care of this tomorrow” is the greatest lie we ever tell ourselves.


5. Can’t-aloupe

I think your garden may be mutating?

4. Grand theft auto

This is too much for me to handle.

3. The domino effect

Frankly it’s none of your business, financial institution.

2. A najor problen

Isn’t technology wonderful?


1. Cheetos never prosper

My will is about as strong as my diet.

Let it be known that while writing this article I accidentally skipped half of it and had to go back because I was confused at how I had somehow forgotten to count. We really are just a bunch of hot messes.

What’s been your biggest “hot mess” moment lately?

Tell us in the comments.