Remember what you dressed up for on Halloween?

Yeah you do.

Or you remember you just did not give a single f*ck and stayed at home and at all that candy yourself?

Yeah you do.

Either way, you’re hungry for these tweets by the ladies of Twitter who make us all laugh.

Read. Laugh. Repeat. In that order.

1. I’m Rick James, bitch!

2. Imma gonna have nightmares about Heidi Klum for a WHILE…

3. Every. Single. Year.

4. You think I’m disappointed… but I’m not.

5. Hahaha… you can’t kill GOLF!

6. Ok this is funny because it’s so true.

7. Bitch… you best watch yourself!

8. Burn the mailbox down immediately.

9. Leave me alone hooman…

10. You’ll never feel dumber…

11. Caught green handed!

12. That COULD have ended badly…

13. That checks out!

14. Hey, somebody had to tell him!

15. I am now an AMAZING chef AND wine expert…

Alright funyuns! You read them tweets and you laughed the heartiest laughs imaginable. Because that’s what we do right after Halloween. What else is there to do and look forward to?

Oh, Thanksgiving and the other holidays where we get things? Gotcha. I forgot…