If you’ve worked in the service industry, you know how infuriating customers can be sometimes. They’re rude, pushy and they step WAY over their boundaries.

And maybe as a customer you have no idea how annoying you are. Well, it’s time to listen up. DO NOT DO THE FOLLOWING THINGS, EVER.

1. Complain that Ranch isn’t free

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2. Play with your napkins and sugar packets

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3. Say how well you’re going to tip once the meal is over

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4. Sit on the same side of the table as your date instead of across from them

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5. Make a million special requests

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6. Send your food back after you’ve made those 1 million requests

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7. Talk about being gluten free and then order a beer

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8. Tip badly because the food wasn’t great

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9. Say “I hated it!” as a joke even though you ate everything like an animal

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10. Staying at your table forever after you’re done eating

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11. Asking for a table right before closing

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12. Complaining about the food after you ate all of it

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13. Trying to make small talk when the server is obviously busy

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14. Asking for your drink to be “strong”

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15. Snapping your fingers at a server. DON’T DO IT

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Now go eat and be courteous!