Remember high school? Some of us do fondly. Most of us are trying to forget a lot of it.

But there’s no denying that we’ve all got at least a few good high school stories to tell. It’s a weird place where nobody’s quite a child but nobody’s quite an adult; including the teachers, sometimes. It’s a phase of self-discovery and frustration and social pressure. It’s basically a building of educational chaos, and nobody captures that quite like the humans of Tumblr.

These Tumblr posts represent just a few of the wonderfully absurd gems of high school shenanigans that are being shared on the platform all the time.

Check them out. Laugh, cry, remissness. Be glad you don’t have a test tomorrow.

15. Keep it secret. Keep it safe.

14. They’d be gettin’ lit

13. But will you know how to USE them?

12. You know the drill

11. Webster’s dictionary defines “lazy” as…

10. Drama kids are another species

9. We’re goin’ down, down…

8. Oh God I’m glad I never had this

7. Weird text but ok

6. Rules are made to be ignored

5. Kitchen Nightmares

4. Maybe they heard Gordon Ramsay?

3. Guess what they say about you in the lounge

2. Time is relative

1. This season on Normal High

If you’re past high school age, you’re probably enjoying a laugh and breathing a sigh of relief right now. If you’re still in the middle of it, godspeed, and good luck.

What’s your weirdest high school experience?

Tell us about it in the comments.