There are very few things that actually unite us as humans beings aside from birth and death, but I think I’ve found one more thing that does: we were all children at one point and did some super strange sh^t.

With that in mind, one reddit user asked this question recently:  “What are some strange things you did as a kid?”

15 people shared what they used to do, and the last one is EPIC. Make sure to check out #1. Seriously.

15. “I liked the taste of the limestone dust/concretions.”

when we had tornado drills in school we would all go into the new tornado shelter under the cafeteria.

It was dark and had really encrusted limestone gravel. I’d suck on the rocks because I liked the taste of the limestone dust/concretions. It was a rare event because we didn’t have a lot of tornado drills.

Suckin rocks in the dark surrounded by hundreds of kids.

14. “…it was very important to me to do what felt like the right thing.”

When a family pet would die, Dad placed it in a garbage bag and put our dead cat or dog in the trash bin for collection.

Even though he wouldn’t allow a “pet cemetery” on their property, the minute he left for work I retrieved our pet and buried it in a remote section of the back yard (with an etched stone for a marker).

Mom would help me, and Dad never found out It felt strange keeping a secret from him because it was the only one – but it was very important to me to do what felt like the right thing.

13. “Then I took each pair off one-by-one…”

I used to put on somewhere between 5-10 pairs of shorts and go visit an elderly couple that lived a few houses down.

Upon arriving, I’d get them to guess how many pairs they thought I was wearing. Then I took each pair off one-by-one (except for the last) to reveal the final count.

They usually gave me powdered donuts afterwards. Then I’d be on my way.

12. “…even my mom said it was really creepy.”

For whatever reason, I always used to repeat things immediately after I said them but in a whisper.

“I’ll have chicken tenders!”

I’ll have chicken tenders

Years later, even my mom said it was really creepy.

11. “I miss my light buddy.”

You know how light reflects on the tile floor to create a glowing orb? I used to be best friends with that little guy till about 5th grade.

When I’d see him in the school auditorium or in class I distinctly remember whispering “Hey buddy” or something like that.

I kind of miss the times where you could just personify inanimate nonsense.

I miss my light buddy.

10. “There are no dentists in our family…

We pretended that we lived in the mouth of a boy named Johnny.

Basically, we’d wrap a thick blanket around our legs (to represent the gums), and shout with excitement when Johnny brushed his teeth or drank milk, or scream in horror when he ate chocolate or other sugary foods.

No idea how this started. There are no dentists in our family…

9. “My sinuses were full of rotting bread.”

I’m the 2nd of 4 kids in a military family.

When I was still a preschooler, one day, my mother notices I stink. Not dirty, not sweaty, but full on rolled in garbage stink.

So I get yelled at for playing in the garbage and bathed and made to put on new clothes and a little while later I stink again.

So I get yelled at and bathed and made to put on new clothes and a little while later I stink again.

This went on until my mother had (the first of many) mini nervous breakdowns.

She took me to the doctor. She was crying and sobbing and explained the insanity of what was going on and begged him to find out what was wrong … because even then I stank like garbage.

It took him a few minutes but he did sort it out.

I had been taking small bits of white bread from my sandwiches, rolling them into little ball$ and shoving them up my nose.

My sinuses were full of rotting bread.

He pulled out as much as he could, I sneezed out the rest over a couple of days and then I stopped stinking.

Side Note : I have no memory of this, only my mother telling the story every chance she gets.

8. “I would then climb into the fireplace…”

When I was about 1-2 years old, I apparently used to take of all my clothes.

That’s not the strange thing. Lots of kids like to run around naked.

The strange part is that I would then climb into the fireplace and eat charcoal.

My older siblings all love to remind me of it.

7. “I had to do it again 4 more times…”

I had OCD where everything I did, I had to do in multiples of 5.

Everything, number of bites before swallowing, I had to take 5 chips at one time, scratch myself 5 times etc you get the idea.

So if ever I had to do something for the 6th time, I had to do it again 4 more times to hit 10


6. “A few other neighbours didn’t lock their doors.”

I used to break into my neighbours homes when I was 7 or 8 maybe.

Never stole anything of value, just wandered around. Had a neighbour who had a massive house but didn’t appear to live there.

The stairs leading from the parking pad into the home was just surrounded by bars, I was able to squeeze through the bars to enter the home.

A few other neighbours didn’t lock their doors. I remember one instance of being in someone’s home and walking around and found a box of cookies on the kitchen counter. They were sprinkle cookies, very delicious.

I remember being upstairs and I heard someone in the shower. They came out before I could get down the stairs.

I spent a long time trying to escape unseen.

5. “the other person would ram them in the ass…”

Ok..finally I can confess.

My friend and I used to play this game where one person (we’re females ) would bend over with their ass in the air on the bed and the other person would ram them in the ass with their head.

I was never really into it. Mostly since I was usually the one with my ass in there. My friend was weird. But I did it because some times it was funny.

I have lived with the shame of the stupidity of this game for years.

4. “I’ll get a craving every now and again…”

I used to eat paper.

If I got a napkin with a meal, I’d eat that along with the food, and I’d tear corners off textbooks for a snack.

Even now as an adult, I’ll get a craving every now and again for a paper towel.

3. “The people below us screamed, grabbed the croc for a minute…”

My extended family would visit a timeshare condo in Vermont in the summer. My mom, dad, brother and I stayed in one bedroom with a bunk bed, and my cousin, aunt, and uncle stayed in the other.

My family’s room had a full-length mirror on the door. My cousin, brother, and I would play a game called “Funny News”, where I would pretend to be a news anchor in front of the mirror and talk about the weather and make up random news and they would throw stuffed animals at me and I would react to them. I would say things like “And today the forecast calls for…” and they would throw a teddy bear at me and I would say “…for BEARS?!” Goofy things like that.

Another time we took my cousin’s stuffed crocodile, tied a string around it, and lowered it down from the balcony. We were on the fifteenth floor of the building. The people below us screamed, grabbed the croc for a minute, and then tossed it back over their balcony…

2. “I decided to try to make perfume by pulverizing…”

What strange things didn’t I do?

I dug up nightcrawlers for the sheer pleasure of seeing how gross/slimy/interesting they were.

My best friend and I had a game where we played at being vampires and werewolves.

I decided to try to make perfume by pulverizing magnolia flowers, putting them in a bottle with some other random stuff that smelled good, and left it in the sun, long story short, it didn’t turn into perfume.

I had a “pet” squirrel that would come and climb window-screens if I didn’t feed it by a certain time each day.

Honestly, I could go on and on.

1. “I once woke my parents up in the middle of the night singing “We Will Rock You” by Queen.”

Oh boy. Where do I start?

I had an imaginary boyfriend named Boomafitz. He had spiky hair, a red bowtie with blue polka dots, and sharp teeth.

Among my other imaginary friends were a british ghost girl named Jenny who spent all her time crying and eating potato chips and a goldfish named Mustard, who ate dogs.

I fought with people all the time. I would constantly make huge scenes in public arguing with other kids. Once I met another little girl, and we got along at first, until she said that her dad was the strongest man in the world. I politely informed her that my dad was the strongest man in the world. We went back and forth telling stories of our father’s feats of strength, and she told me that her dad once lifted up a skyscr*per. With 100 people in it. I couldn’t compete with that. I went home heartbroken after learning that there was a man stronger than my dad.

I had a crush on Mighty Mouse, and left out bars of soap for him every night in the hopes that he would come to my house to retrieve the soap, and I would catch him and he would marry me.

Whenever I played with Barbies, which I did until I was 13 years old, the games were usually about Ken kidnapping the Barbies and taking them all to a deserted island, where he used them as his s^x slaves, whom he murdered brutally every time they tried to fight back. Eventually, the Barbies who had survived escaped and killed Ken by hanging him with his intestines. They went back home on a large makeshift boat, and I then played follow-up games about them dealing with the trauma of what had happened to them.

I wrote a lot of songs about unicorns stabbing people I didn’t like to death with their horns.

I talked to strangers a lot, and I thought everyone I spoke to was my friend. Except for that girl who’s dad was stronger than mine, she was my worst enemy even though I never saw her again. I would tell them really weird, personal things, too. I remember once when I got lost in the store, I just waltzed right up to this poor elderly couple to regale them with tales of how I kept getting bloody noses because I picked my nose too much, until my parents found me and dragged me away from them, apologizing profusely right before I got the chance to move on to the topic of peeing my pants.

Now I love Halloween and Horror, but I used to be absolutely petrified of that stuff. I couldn’t set foot into the Spirit Halloween store without sobbing like a baby until I was 11 years old.

I played a lot of melodramatic “Grey’s Anatomy” type games where I was dying in the hospital.

I once woke my parents up in the middle of the night singing “We Will Rock You” by Queen.

When I was a toddler, I absolutely loved “Walk” by Pantera.

I used to take the head off of my toy horse and put it in my dad’s bed.

I used to dress my Elmo toy up as Hitler and put him in my dad’s bed.

I pretended I was a little angel around adults, but when I was around other kids, I was a huge j^rkwho bossed everyone around all the time. I don’t know how my best friend put up with it all these years. She was basically my minion in the beginning of out relationship. She liked me more than I liked her, and I just ordered her around, and she happily obeyed my every word. But sometimes I would make kids cry or get mad and start attacking me. I may have pretended to be big and powerful, but I was really a weakling.

I wrote a series of books about a floating green head who went on adventures with his friends, Stick Figure, Sarah, Cookie, and Vampire Rabbit.

Whenever I would visit my cousins, I would always cry because I thought they would go blind from playing video games too much. My older cousin usually tried to comfort me, while my other cousin who’s a little younger than me always got annoyed and tried to tease me and make it worse.

Okay, that last one wins all of the internet points. You are officially the strangest kid in existence.

All hail user/SadButterscotch2!

But it’s fun to be strange, right? Just as long as you grow out of most of it?

Naw, who am I kidding. Being strange is what makes us who we are.

So stay strange, fam!