Forget about the male locker room that we hear about all the time: just what the heck is going in the ladies’ locker rooms out there?

Apparently, a whole lot of bizarre things and shenanigans. Are you ready to be enlightened?

The ladies of AskReddit shared their stories.

1. Let’s do some piercings!

“As a female substitute teacher, subbing for middle school gym class, I was informed that I needed to be present in the locker room as the girls changed because previously girls had tried to give each other belly button piercings.”

2. I wonder if she ever lived that down…

“One of the girls got her ass stuck in the toilet. We oiled her to get her out.”

3. Does this belong to you?

“Someone left a dildo in one of the sinks.”

4. A makeshift barbershop.

“A girl told us that she had “learned” how to cut layers, and everyone was very excited about this. Except the layers were obviously brutal because 14 year olds cannot cut hair.

She would just grab some hair and cut a straight line across, then repeat until there were multiple “layers.” She did it to about 5 girls before a teacher came in and stopped her.”

5. Bread fight!

“I was smacked in the back of the head with a baguette while dressing for P.E.

6. A fun game!

“Making each other pass out on purpose.

We would breathe in as much air as possible then have all the girls push our chest so we could go unconscious on purpose. We called it playing chinese knockout. I volunteered and woke up entirely disoriented from that day. I expected to wake up at home but instead there were a bunch of girls staring at me excitedly.”

7. That’s disturbing.

“Toilet paper covered in blood, strung up around the sh^tter like party streamers. Alllll over the place. Plus some nice bonus blood spatts on the floor.

Freaked the f*ck out of me because I hadn’t had my period yet – thought someone straight up got disemboweled. Had to have been a rough one, I still have no idea how she got that much blood on the floor.”

8. Just a normal thing now.

“Girls twerking on each other…yes this happens in a daily basis but after a while you get used to it.”

9. Fight club.

“Two girls got into a fight and one of them grabbed her lock and then smashed it into the other girl’s mouth. Girl who got hit lost a few teeth and had to go to the hospital.”

10. Total creep.

“Well, our male gym teacher back in elementary school walked in several times to see the girls naked. Total perv. So there’s that.”

11. Okay, that’s disgusting.

“I had to get another towel from the gym teacher because mine had a CRAB.

Yep, school was closed down early and we had a two week Spring Break that included disinfecting the whole school, with paper notices to get some body lice shampoo if needed.”

12. Death by body spray.

“The only thing crazy in my school locker room was the amount of body spray so many of the girls used. I damn near suffocated in there a few times.”

13. Hope she’s doing well.

“My high school had uniforms, and they were expensive. We had to write our names on the gym clothes in sharpie so that you couldn’t get away with sharing or wearing hand-me-downs. I outgrew my gym shirt early in junior year and couldn’t get it off without putting my elbow through a seam. But I’d be damned if I was gonna pay for another overpriced, useless t-shirt.

So, every day for a full two semesters, I would lean forward with my arms out and Divya, who had the locker next to mine, would pull my shirt off for me. We literally went through a whole school year in which she had to undress me on the regular. She was a real trouper.

We lost touch after high school but I hope she’s living her best life.”

14. Knew that was coming.

“Poo poo in the shower.”

15. The grand finale…

“Someone slammed a teachers face on a piano.

Yes. We had pianos in the locker room.”

Wow! There’s a lot of weird stuff going on in there! Who knew?!?!

Okay, ladies. We want to hear from you. What’s the weirdest/funniest/craziest thing you’ve seen in a locker room?

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