If you’re looking for some dating advice on the sly, there’s possibly no better source than AskReddit. There’s also possibly no worse source.

It’s hard to tell really, because it’s all anonymous and these people might be giving terrible feedback. But it’s interesting nonetheless!

Especially when a question makes a really big splash, like:

Women of Reddit, what is something Men do that they think is sexy/attractive but really isn’t?
byu/Ulcrar inAskReddit

One or two opinions on the topic came in. Then about fourteen thousand more.

Let’s explore, shall we?

1. If you go too fast, she may get too furious.

Drive really fast and recklessly. I would like get home in one piece

– Regallybeagley

2. I’d never heard the term “Tinder squint” before, but I get it.

The Tinder squint which they think makes them look like a moody lead singer on an album cover, when it actually makes them look like Renee Zellweger smelled a F*rt

– idiosyncrassy

3. A common theme was that there’s nothing appealing or impressive about being mean.

Trying to show how “alpha” they are by treating other people like sh^t.

No, Trent, being a d%ck isn’t sexy and you look pathetic.

– DangerousRiver9

4. There’s a saying in film-making, “show, don’t tell.”

Explaining that they’re great at sex.

– keepusguessing

5. Don’t do the Barry White voice.

I had an ex that would put on his “sultry” voice and tell me it’s time for bed.

It really came out sounding creepy and not a bit romantic.

Physically, we had good times but I had to cringe past his verbal intro.

– Agreeable-Landscape

6. Many responses could be summed up with “weird flex, not ok.”

Bragging about things that they shouldn’t brag about to make themselves seem more “manly”. i.e., not caring about their hygiene or skincare, not knowing how to look after a child, not knowing how to cook, not wanting to clean up after themselves or clean a house, not wanting to read books to better themselves or trying new things, etc etc.

Even worse when they shame other men for it.

– milkcustard

7. Not even letting her respond is maximum mansplaining.

Trying to prove that they are smarter than me. Dude i want to be able to have a normal conversation with you.

Stop interrupting me and actually listen for a second. You might recognize that I too have something interesting to contribute to the conversation.

– just_rebekka

8. Don’t punch a whole in the drywall, Keith.

Some boys think being loud and destructive is somehow cool and attractive, especially when drunk.

They don’t realize it makes normal men and women look down on them

– KeliGrein

9. The only thing worse than antiquated traits are antiquated traits done badly.

Order my food for me. Not in a cute, I know what she wants kind of way but a dominant as$hole kind of way.

I once was taken on a date, he insisted in driving and drove like a jackass there and back, blasted the same T-pain song over and over, then as we proceeded to order, he ordered everything for me, from the water to my horrible salad. I STILL PAID HALF THE BILL!!!!! One of the worst dates ever.

0 out of 10 would reccomended dating this guy.

– ChayoteSoup

10. If you gotta spell it out, it’s not that great of clout.

i H A T E when guys brag about having some clout on social media, i do not care how many followers you have i care about you as a person!!


11. Money’s nice, but if there’s not something more to you, what’s the point?

Bragging about how expensive their house/car/boat/etc. is or how much money they make.

It’s great to share your passions and talk about your job but if all you’re interested in is material items and money I’m immediately turned off.

– sleeeeepypanda

12. If you’re gonna talk the talk, walk the walk.

Going to into great detail about all the things they’re going to do when they get you in bed, and then doing exactly zero of those things.

– misspaperwait

13. If you’re getting into fights, nobody’s winning.

Talking about fights they’ve gotten in, saying how bad they wanna beat another guy’s ass, saying “I could kill that guy” or other belligerent things.

I do not care if you punch things. I do not care if you can overpower other men. I do not care if you are capable of killing people.

Just be a good person and make good choices. Your pissing contests do not interest me.

– kahluaann

14. You need to be able to examine the common factor in your problems.

Talking about how ALL their exes are crazy.

No, you’re the crazy one dude.

– imabanddork

15. And of course, the inevitable response:

Sending d%ck pics

– lisvargas

So gents, take note. If you’re already not doing any of that, good for you. If you are, consider an adjustment. Most of these things aren’t too hard, after all.

What would be YOUR answer to this question?

Let us know in the comments.