Twitter is honestly an ever-present gold mine of humor, wit, scathing societal commentary, and your requisite animal photos.

And no matter what society-at-large tries to say, women are right in the thick of every single one of those categories – especially the funnies!

If you’re dying for some good old fashioned hilarity today – that just happened to have been penned by women – please give these 15 tweets a try!

15. This is a whole mood.

14. Just kidding no one remembers GenX exists.

13. Or watching yourself get your hair cut.

12. Literally everyone today.

11. Spoiler alert: by “favorite” she means “the one that makes me want to set the world on fire.”

10. This is nothing to be ashamed of!

9. I aspire to this level of doneness.

8. I hope she’s pretty.

7. Both things can be true, sasser.

6. It’s never the wrong moment for a good pun.

5. I feel personally victimized by this tweet.

4. What even is this question though?

3. The rarest of the rare – an actual fun fact!

2. If you count the cost of alcohol and the inevitable bacterial infection you’re about to get, I’m not sure which is cheaper.

1. 10/10 definitely going to try.

I’m rolling, you guys – I hope one day to land on a list just like this one! Because I am legit funny. Like, for real, ya’ll! Don’t judge.

Which one was your favorite? Or which one was totally you?

Tell us in the comments!